31 March 2011

Baby Reese

Welcome to the world baby Reese!!!

Reese was such a great little guy. He didn't cry hardly at all and he was just so cute and cuddly. Of course most newborns are, but Reese just seemed so perfect the day of his photo shoot. Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the day. Enjoy!

27 March 2011

Bradford Pear Trees

Gotta love Southern Illinois weather! Last weekend it was close to 80 degrees and this weekend it snowed. Mother Nature seems to be a little bi-polar lately and I just wish she'd make up her mind already. As I was driving home from my newborn shoot this afternoon, I passed a LOT of bradford pear trees. They were so beautiful so I had to stop to get a few pics.

The funny thing, as I post these springtime flowers, I am wrapped up in a heated blanket and drinking coffee to stay warm. It's so cold outside right now. Hopefully by looking at these you'll be reminded that spring is here and it will warm up again soon.

09 March 2011

2011 Senior - Haleigh

Haleigh first had a February date scheduled for her senior pictures, but of course, Mother Nature had her own agenda to attend to which put off Haleigh's photo shoot a while. Naturally the day we rescheduled it was super cold outside. That didn't matter though. She still rocked a dress and tank tops in the cold. Here are a few pics from her session. Haleigh, I had a blast. I hope you like them just as much as I do.