31 May 2011

Lexi - A.K.A. Sassy Lexi

I have been wanting to use my aunt's farm to take pictures for quite some time now and I knew that's where I wanted to take Lexi's pictures the minute we scheduled them. Lexi was very shy at first but that lasted like... maybe 3 minutes! She was giving me so much attitude and sas and I loved it. It's really just her personality which really shows through in these photographs. Here are a few (few meaning a LOT) of my favorites. Enjoy!

29 May 2011

Alex + Kellie | Wedding

I'm so excited to show you these photos. It seems like forever since I've taken these but it was only a week! I'm so used to editing portraits so taking a whole week to edit wedding photos is definitely something to get used to. 

Alex and Kellie had a beautiful ceremony at her grandparent's home underneath a white tent and accents of purple all over the place. Purple is of course my favorite color so I was excited from the very first minute I arrived at the site. Outside weddings are definitely stressful for me because I worry about rain. Well rain was something that was suppose to happen on that day. Not just rain, but thunderstorms. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I even got sunburnt! 

My friend Myssie joined me for the day as my assistant and 2nd shooter for the ceremony. Thank you so much Myssie! I really appreciated it even with you 8 months pregnant!!!! 

You're obviously not here to ready my ramblings, so I'll just let you get to viewing the pics. Enjoy!