30 June 2011

David & Bethany | Engagement

I cannot wait till next year..... a year from today actually! That's when David and Bethany will be getting married in the country behind their house next to the wheat fields. LOVE IT!

Right when I got out to their house the forecast changed and rain was headed our way. Skies were starting to darken and we may have felt a sprinkle or two. But I wasn't about to let rain get in my way between me, a bride and a wheat field. I had been looking forward to this session for over a month because I had never had the opportunity to take pictures by wheat before.

I had such a great session with David and Bethany and I cannot wait for their wedding day!

Seriously, you two are awesome! Probably my favorite picture of the day (below)

29 June 2011

What To Wear Wednesday – Senior Girls

Seniors, when you book your appointment to get your senior pictures done, the first thing that pops into your head is probably along the lines of, "OMG, what am I going to wear?" or "I HAVE to go shopping now!" Trust me, I've been there before and I completely understand.

I'm starting these weekly blog posts to give some ideas and pointers when it comes to pictures and the clothing that can help make your pictures stand out. I've found some outfits online and thought I would share. 

The first outfit is a cute sundress with some cute accessories that I found online at Forever21. You can dress up a cute dress like this with cowboy boots or sandals. The thing with summer is, most don't like to layer it up too much because it's hot. That's completely understandable. I would suggest wearing accessories then to dress things up. 

The next 3 outfits were found at Old Navy. I absolutely love this store. Not only are the prices affordable, but they are really trendy and always coming up with cute new stuff. Layering is good because it brings lots of textures and colors into the photograph. Not that a basic shirt and jeans is bad but just by adding a jean jacket over top a cute blouse or adding a sweater can make all the difference.

Hope you like these new weekly posts. Be sure to check in next Wednesday to see outfits I suggest for senior guys. 

28 June 2011

Julian - 2011 Senior

A while back I had a drawing on my Facebook fan page for a free session because I hit 400 fans. Julian's mom was the happy winner of that session and of course she wanted to use it on her daughter, who just happened to be named prom queen! Getting some portraits of her in her prom dress and crown was something I knew I was going to have fun with. Julian is such a cute girl and was so easy to work with. Here are some of my favorites from her session.

14 June 2011

Taylor - 2012 Red Bud Senior

Everyone, meet Taylor. She is such a cute girl and loves horses. He mom asked me if I would mind coming out to their house so I could take some of her pictures with her horse. Of course!!! That's what I do. I go to my clients or go where they want me to go to get the pictures they are wanting. They have a beautiful home and a great barn. Poor Taylor had a cold yesterday but you would never tell by looking at her pictures. I absolutely love these pictures and I can't wait to do her other session in 2 weeks. Here are my favorites. Enjoy!

13 June 2011

Pillers Family / Maternity

My dear friend Myssie is expecting her 3rd child very soon. They want to wait to till the delivery to see if it's a boy or a girl. Me being such the "Type A" person I am, I don't like to be surprised. I like to plan too much. I think it's a girl though, we shall see if I'm right in about 2 weeks or so.

Myssie is also a photographer and asked me to take her maternity and family pictures. Of course I was excited when she asked me but I was also nervous. A photographer taking pictures of a photographer... you just have expectations LOL. It was such a nice morning for pictures and it really didn't take long to get these amazing shots. Enjoy Myssie. And I can't wait to meet your new little bundle of joy.