30 July 2012

Mark + Kansas | Black & Purple Country Club Wedding

From the moment Kansas walked up behind Mark and grabbed his hand to turn him around during the "first look" I knew this was going to be a special day. I've never seen a couple so in love. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. There were times where I seriously had to tell them to focus so that I could get portraits! Honestly I didn't mind because it meant that it wasn't going to be hard to capture good moments throughout the day and get good portraits. 

Mark came up to me before the ceremony and told me a little secret. He had actually purchased a ring meant for Alexis, Kansas' daughter. When you marry someone, you normally exchange rings to symbolize your love for one another. A love that has no end. Eternity. Well, since Mark was marrying Kansas AND her daughter, he wanted to get her a ring as well. Seriously, I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the whole church. I was crying to much it was hard to tell whether or not my photos were focusing or not! Such a special moment and I'm glad I was there to witness it as well as witness Mark and Kansas declare their love for one another in front of family, friends and God. 

We were just about to leave for the Pierre Menard home when the groomsmen heard the snow cone truck coming by. They seriously stopped the truck and bought some. Kansas wanted cherry flavored and you just can't eat a red snow cone in a Vera Wang wedding dress. I saw Mark holding it and she was bent over trying not to have any of it get on her dress. 

We ended up the day at the Chester Country Club and let me just say that I think the groomsmen FINALLY felt like they were comfortable. They all play golf and are members at the country club. Mark wanted all the guys to put their golf shoes on and take pics on the greens. Definitely some of my favorite groomsmen pics I've ever taken. After all that fun, we went inside to start the dance. It was a huge surprise when Kansas was dancing with her dad to "Butterfly Kisses". After the first chorus they broke into dancing a mix of songs from "YMCA" to "The Twist". It was hilarious and definitely a treat for Barb, Kansas' mother. Everyone had an amazing time and danced the night away.

Mark and Kansas, I'm so glad that you let me be apart of your big day. It's so great getting to follow bride and grooms around all day. I wish you two all the very best. Enjoy my favorites from your wedding day! 

The bridesmaids helping Kansas get into her dress.

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

Kansas wore her grandmother's jewelry. Very special and her "something old" for her wedding day.

Such a handsome groom.

First look!!!! Love it when brides agree to this!

You don't get these kinds of pictures after the ceremony.

Kansas showing Mark her cowboy boots! She didn't want to wear heels all day LOL.

Seriously, you two are so stinkin' cute!

Gorgeous Vera Wang dress!

Mark giving Lexi her ring. Such a great moment.

When you hear the snow cone truck, you run! And Mark ran for one after the ceremony.

Pictures took place at the Pierre Menard home in Chester, IL.

Canvas print right here!!! UGH.



Mark proposed on hole #9 at the Chester Country Club...so that's where we went for pics just before sunset.

Favorite pic from the day!

Probably one of my favorite groomsmen's pics I've ever taken!

Kansas and her dad surprising everyone with a unique father/daughter dance. It rocked!

I'll end with this ring shot. It's simply gorgeous. Look at the detail in Kansas' ring. Beautiful.

19 July 2012

Mike + Katie | Southern Illinois Country Wedding

When I think of Mike and Katie's wedding the song "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" comes to mind. If you follow me on Facebook then you know that the combine picture with the bridal party is the wedding I'm referring to. Seriously, I cannot say enough about this wedding and how much fun I had. A couple of weeks ago I took wedding photos for Katie's cousin, David, so when Saturday came around, I felt right at home with the same people I hung out with two weeks prior. Their family is so kind and loving. Katie's father and brother were so kind to clean up the tractor and combine for photos as well as hang screws in the barn for detail shots of the girls' dresses. Not a detail was left out and you'll see when you scroll through the photos below. I had such a hard time picking favorites this time. You hear me say that a lot but it's true. I love every wedding and when it's time to show it off on my blog and Facebook I just want to show every picture. Obviously I cannot do that or else you'd be scrolling through like 700 pictures and it would stall up your internet! LOL

The colors for this wedding were gorgeous and the weather was perfect. A storm kept trying to brew and it did sprinkle a few times but I prayed to God to get me through the afternoon for their portraits. It turns out God answered my prayer and he even gave me a perfect sky for the pictures. I've said this before but bright and sunny days just aren't my favorite for pictures. I'd rather have a stormy sky or a cloudy day ANY day. 

Mike and Katie, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your big day. I love you and your families so much and I've had a blast getting to know you all. Your love is contagious!!! I wish you all the best and many years of happiness. Enjoy looking through my favorites from your special day.

Love the colors here!

Awesome rings!

Mike looking so handsome!

Katie, you're gorgeous!

Love the light here!!!

Mike and Katie decided to do a "first look" to ensure they got a lot of portraits in. Here are their first few moments together. Such a great moment! Tears were flowing.

Look how happy they are!!! LOVE.

Seriously, look at that bouquet! Gorgeous.

A favorite right here!

And these!

Look at the colors!!! UGH! Gorgeous.

They didn't plan this, but Mike and Katie both wore scents in blue bottles. Cute.


One of my favorite bridal party pics of the day.

The famous picture on the combine!!! Love it.

Another favorite!

Probably my #1 favorite right here!

They're MARRIED!!!