20 November 2012

Joey + Kara | The "After" Session

Joey and Kara never had the time to book their engagement pictures before the wedding. So I suggested that we use that session on an "after" session. Basically, it's a session that you do AFTER the wedding and you get more portraits of you and your hubby that you didn't get to get on your wedding day. The wedding day is so rushed and sometimes you don't have enough time to get every picture in. I think the "after" sessions are much more relaxed and stress free and I'm pretty sure Joey and Kara will both tell you the same thing. I even went to Walmart and constructed a bouquet for the session. After all, you can't have a bridal shoot without a bouquet. I think it turned out pretty good. Maybe I should add "florist" to my list of services!!! Okay, maybe that's a bad idea but it sounds good.

I cannot tell you how much I love these pictures. They all turned out amazing and I'm so excited to show you. Let me know what you all think about this idea. For those of you brides who do not want to do a first look, this is your way to ensure you get the most portraits for you and your groom. You get to wear your dress again, so it's a Win-Win situation!

Favorite right here!

Kara, you are gorgeous!

Dodging cow patties and crawling under barb wire just for pictures!!! Kara is a true country girl!

Alan + Alyssa | Peacock Wedding

I love all things peacock, so it was only natural that I would love this wedding. I too, one day, will have a peacock themed wedding and I'm so excited to show you this wedding. Alan and Alyssa were married on November 10. It was probably one of the best days weather wise I've had this wedding season. It wasn't too hot, nor too cold. It was just perfect. Well... almost perfect. The wind was a bit crazy but we worked around that. I met the girls at the salon and hung out with them for a while. That didn't last long because I had to get back to the church to meet the guys. Things were moving so fast and then for a while, it finally slowed down for Alan and Alyssa's first look. That's right, they opted to do one and it meant so much more portraits for their wedding day. I ended up having over 100 pictures of the two of them, which wouldn't have happened if they waited till after the ceremony. Their first look was amazing and you could tell how much they were in love. Before I knew it, the ceremony was about to begin. It was a beautiful ceremony. Alan cried during his vows (which made me tear up a bit) and the moment when they hugged their parents and grandparents just melted my heart.

After family portraits and bridal party fun, it was finally time for the reception. The perfect ending to a beautiful day shared by family and friends. I had a great time and it was so fun seeing all the peacock elements throughout the wedding day. Alan and Alyssa, I truly wish you two all the best. It was so much fun working with you both and I hope you love your wedding photos as much as I do.