22 February 2013


Yesterday I had every intention to enter wedding contracts into my new online office manager, clean my apartment, start reading this book that has been collecting dust since last Summer and rent a movie. Well, none of those things happened. You want to know the main reason? Not only was I snowed/iced in my apartment and literally couldn't leave, the internet distracted. Yep, that's my reason. The internet. It's so easy to let distractions get in the way of running your own business, and life for that matter. Sometimes I'll be working on a project or editing and then all of a sudden I get this urge to click on the Safari icon in my dock and surf the net. More specifically Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. If there was a medal that you could win for the most time wasted on the internet I'd probably win that.

So today I'm making it a point to get something done around this tiny apartment. I'm blogging, getting ready to start on my "to do" list and later this evening I'll be taking pictures for the local newspaper at my hometown's basketball regional game. And so what if distractions get in the way sometimes. The way I look at it, I'm living and everything that needs to get done eventually gets done one way or another.


21 February 2013

In My Spare Time

Lately I've been enjoying all the spare time I've been having. I'm soaking it up because once April hits I'll be super busy and then I'll be wishing I had free time. This is the time of year where I get to do things I love. One of the things I love the most is crocheting. I know, how lame does that sound. It's relaxing to me and when I learned several years ago I fell in love with it and never looked back. Seeing strands of yarn forming in to blankets right before your eyes is pretty cool.

I started this blanket over a year ago. Now that I think about it it's probably been 2 years LOL. That's just crazy. I used to be able to finish a blanket in a couple months. Well, I'm in luck because today is a snow day, well more like an ice day. I don't plan on trying to leave my apartment any time soon and therefore I'm working on my blanket. It's probably one of my favorites I've ever done and it's taking me forever to do. Sometimes in the middle of a project you just want to quit and move on to another but not me. I HAVE to finish one before going on.

Maybe one day I'll finish this and when I do I'll be sure to show you all. Whether it's crocheting, reading a book or just catching up on the DVR, remember to take a little time for yourself.

Happy Thursday!

14 February 2013

2013 Workshop Experience | Katelyn James Photography

Last week I traveled my way to Richmond, Virginia to attend a photography workshop. Not just any workshop, a workshop held by Katelyn James Photography. She's an amazing wedding photographer that I've been following for 3 years now. Back in 2010 I was googling tips on how to shoot manual, how to use light, etc. and I just happened to come across her blog. I immediately bookmarked her web link and from there my life has changed! Katelyn probably doesn't realize how much she has helped my business just from her blog posts. Without her I don't think I'd be where I am today. I think I read every blog post she had that night!!! There were tons, trust me. She has a whole section on her blog dedicated to photographers, from tips on lighting, editing, posing, etc. This industry is very competitive and most of the photographers in my area haven't been so kind in freely giving away tips and tricks. But that's why I love Katelyn. She isn't afraid to help a fellow photographer out. Which leads me to this blog post. 

The workshop was held on February 8, very close to Valentine's Day. So Katelyn planned a V-Day styled shoot. Tori and Aaron, of Marvelous Things Photography were adorable!!!! Tori is a photographer herself but I think she could be a model for sure! Simply gorgeous! When I saw Tori carrying her dress in I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot. I think there is only 1 person who can rock the hot pink tights, and that's Tori! Her husband, Aaron, was a bit nervous at first but it didn't take him long to get comfortable in front of the camera, or cameras for that matter. I bet those 2 felt like the paparazzi was attacking them. There was a time in the shooting portion that Katelyn needed to go check on something and she said, "Kacey, you take over the styled shoot!" I got all nervous and sweaty LOL, but if she trusted me to do it then by all means you do what Katelyn says. She had just spent the last 3 hours telling us tips on how to pose and stuff so I just had to take what I had learned and put it into action. It was pretty fun.

The flowers, cake, makeup and styling were simply gorgeous for this Valentine's Day themed shoot and I'm so excited that I got to be apart of it. There was one point in the shooting part of the workshop where I just took a step back and truly soaked up the moment. The day was going by so fast and I was still star struck from meeting Katelyn. When you dream about something for 3 years and it's finally coming true, it's something remarkable. I don't know how I got to be so lucky but I'm thankful every day that my business is at a point where I can attend workshops like this.

I left the workshop feeling so overwhelmed but in a good way. I couldn't wait to get started on all the new things I learned, business side and shooting side, that I think I read through my notes a million times on the way home on the plane. I'll stop rambling for now and get right to the pictures. Enjoy looking through my favorites from the styled shoot. And Katelyn, thank you so much for your generosity and sweet spirit. You truly are my inspiration and I'm so excited to see how my business grows because of you. 

Katelyn made some cute notebooks to take notes in. The box held some goodies from sponsors for the workshop. So cute and of course teal, her favorite color and her branding.

Getting ready to start the shooting portion of the workshop.

Floral design and Fashion Styling: Janie Medley Flora Design from The Bride’s Cafe.

Seriously, how cute!

Some of my favorites right here! They look so in love.

The paparazzi!

Tori, you're BEAUTIFUL! So jealous of your hair.


Valentine's Day bow and arrow... I think so!

One of my top 2 favorite pictures from the shoot right here!

Look at those flowers! I wanted to steal them and take them home LOL.

The amazing cake by Candy Valley Cake Company.

All you need is LOVE.

I'm a huge fan of detail shots!

And last but not least, a picture of Katelyn and I. This girl is amazing. If you haven't checked out her blog, do so! 

Shoot Credits:
Photographer: Katelyn James Photography / Floral design and Fashion Styling: Janie Medley Flora Design from The Bride’s Cafe / Creative Direction and Styling: Dana FitzGerald / Dress: Ivy and Aster from Bella Bridesmaid in Richmond, VA / Cake: Candy Valley Cake Company / Makeup: Emily Hudspeth / Invitations: Page Stationery / Venue: Historic Mankin Mansion / Models: Tori + Aaron of Marvelous Things Photography / Flowers: Fifty Flowers

Workshop Credits:
Thanks to the amazing sponsors that supported The Workshop Experience: