15 March 2013

Justin + Yvonne | Engaged

Spring is so close I can feel it. I've been waiting for it like waiting for water to boil. It seems like this winter has been going by SO SLOW and I know it's wrong to wish away the time but as a photographer who shoots primarily outside, I can't help but wish for warmer weather. Since the weather has been getting nice outside, I've been scheduling sessions like crazy. I'm so excited to finally get in the swing of things. I've enjoy the time off and sleeping in but I'm ready for the wedding season to begin.

Meet Justin and Yvonne. They are an amazing couple who will be getting married in May. I worked with Yvonne's mother for almost 10 years so when she contacted me to see about wedding packages and if I was available I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to get talking with Yvonne about her wedding day and schedule her engagement session. She really didn't have any ideas for locations for the session so I suggested we take pictures in Du Quoin at the fairgrounds, more specifically the horse stables. Yvonne loves horses (I didn't know that till today) so it turned out to be a perfect spot. When I pulled up I was excited because morning light is beautiful and it went well with the rustic wood of the stables. You can't get this kind of light in the middle of summer. Each season has it's own pros/cons and winter light is by far my favorite.

I had so much fun this morning taking Justin and Yvonne's engagement photos. I can't believe that May is just around the corner and I'll be taking pictures on one of the most important day of their lives. Until then, have fun looking through my favorites from their engagement session and check back in May for their wedding blog post.

Happy Friday!!!!

14 March 2013

Mason - 1 Year (Camera Issues - EEK!)

I had posted a few months ago that at the start of 2013 I would no longer be taking appointments for newborns or small children. I did that mainly because it's just hard to shoot in the winter months without a studio and I'm not huge a fan of indoor photos (unless you can find amazing window light). Honestly, the real reason is that I want to focus on weddings rather than portraits.

BUT, I do have close friends and family whom I will still take photos for and there were a few sessions I already had booked before I made the announcement. In this case, one of my best friends has a nephew that turned 1 in January (he's a new year's baby). They asked if I could take Mason's portraits and of course I said yes. The thing is.... January is cold! And it's cold/flu season. The original date we had Mason's session scheduled for he got sick. Poor little guy. So we had to put off the photo shoot to another day. Before we knew it 2 months had flown by and we still hadn't scheduled it. Last Saturday finally worked out for all of us and I drove to Mason's grandma's house to set up. What happened next is every photographers nightmare! When I turned on my camera to start getting my exposure and ISO right, the darn thing wouldn't focus on anything. I thought it was my 50mm lens but after changing the lens the camera was still not working properly. I freaked out! Naturally I have a backup camera but I didn't even think to bring it with me. Good thing it was my BFF's family or else I probably would have had a panic attack and cried LOL. I was actually getting ready to buy a new camera anyways (another 5D Mark II) so that I had a backup that was the same as what I use for weddings, etc. Perfect timing. Like I said, I do have a backup but I didn't even think to bring it. Good thing Aunt Becky had her camera on her (the same as my backup camera). I was able to use her camera just like my own and create these beautiful images of Mason.

Mason was so darn good and gave me great smiles. He's such a happy baby...especially when grandpa is around! He would just give basic grins and stare at us until grandpa came around. Then he started clapping and cheesn' it up. So cute!

Enjoy looking through my favorites from Mason's session.