31 October 2013

Ryan + Stephanie | Du Quoin, IL Engagement Session

I want to introduce you all to an amazing couple. Everyone... meet Ryan and Stephanie. They are from Popular Bluff, MO and they made the long drive to Du Quoin, IL for their engagement session. They didn't just make the drive here for their engagement session though, they came to visit family. Ryan has a sister named Heather and she just married my cousin, DJ, this year! That's how I met Ryan and his fiancé' Stephanie. It wasn't too long after Heather and DJ's wedding that I got an email from Stephanie saying that she and Ryan wanted me to shoot their big day. Since then, Stephanie and I have been discussing wedding details and settings for the e-session. She mentioned that she and Ryan would just come my way and visit family and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I got to thinking about places that would have lots of options, so I took them to Du Quoin. I just love that town. It has a great mix of country and urban settings.

At first they were wearing really nice clothes and looking all spiffy and then then went a little more casual and comfy. I loved that they wanted to incorporate St. Louis Cardinals shirts since they were playing in the World Series at the time (bummer that they lost). They have such great style and they are so darn cute and it seemed like every picture I took I kept saying "oh man, this is my favorite." I had so much fun and I'm so excited to show you these pictures. 

Happy Thursday everyone! Only 1 more day till the weekend!!!

Look at that blling!

Stepanie... you are GORGEOUS!

So in love with this picture!

26 October 2013

Daniel + Lindsay | Country Engagement Session

It's here.... cold weather. And when I say cold I mean the kind of cold where you have to defrost your car windows before going anywhere in the morning. Those bitter mornings where you better just start the car and wait in the house because you'll freeze your butt off waiting for the car to warm up. We've had a few of those days already and on the morning of Daniel and Lindsay's engagement session we lucked out and DIDN'T have frost. We scheduled their session for 8:30am and goodness was it cold. Lindsay was dressed all cute in a white lacy dress and cowboy boots and the first thing she asked me was "exactly HOW cold is it outside?" I told her it was cold but it manageable. You honestly wouldn't know it was super cold by looking at these pictures. We even had a blanket for some shot so we could keep Lindsay warm. 

Daniel and Lindsay live in the country and they have plenty of old sheds and barns on their property so we started there. We also included Daniel's pickup truck because he actually proposed while sitting on the back tailgate! How cute is that???? Then Daniel knows a friend who lives in Steeleville where we drove into the woods and found this awesome spot where a waterfall is usually flowing (there was no water there that day though, bummer). The morning light was absolutely beautiful and I wish more of my clients would do morning sessions. I realize it's early but when you get light like this you can't help but want to shoot more during the morning hours.

Here are just a few of MANY favorites from Daniel and Lindsay's engagement shoot. I seriously had such a hard time picking which ones I wanted to show because I wanted to show them all. They are just too cute!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Getting this shot below was funny. I was squatting in some weeds and shooting through the limbs.

June can't get here fast enough! So excited for their wedding day!

No water meant we could sit on the waterfall. Pretty cool.

Not sure what Daniel was doing here, but I love Lindsay's smile! So happy.

One of my favorite favorites for sure!

Hello gorgeous fall colors!!!

Another absolute favorite right here!

25 October 2013

Isaac + Jeanie | Family Farm Engagement Session

The fall colors are finally here and I couldn't be more excited. When I start booking up for fall, everyone always says that they want the fall colors and that means October to them. Honestly, it's different every year. Last year with the drought, everything was super dry and we only had about a week of good color and then the leaves all fell. The year before, it was beautiful for a while. This year, it's taken a bit longer for the leaves the change so it looks like we'll head in to November with beautiful foliage. It's always hard to judge when it's going to be pretty out this time of year. 

Isaac and Jeanie lucked out and they had a beautiful session out at the family farm. The lane going to the location of their future home was something out of a movie. There were trees that lined the gravel road and they were leaning inwards making an arch. Then I saw the lake and immediately got excited and ideas started flowing through my head. Isaac told me he proposed to Jeanie on the dock so we definitely had to go there for pics. He also had plans for us in the woods. He knew that light would be limited towards the end of the session (sunset) so he suggested we go to the woods first and I agreed. It was so nice seeing a groom-to-be get excited for pictures and actually help plan the session. The last few pictures involved an old tractor that was restored and it was so awesome. Now, I'm not much of a country girl but this tractor was pretty cool. Jeanie and I hopped on the back of it while Isaac drove us over to the lake. Again, Isaac had a vision of how he wanted that shot and it was beautiful. I told him he needs to be my assistant at weddings since he has such a great eye!

Fall is my favorite time of year. It's time to finally get out the fuzzy socks, stock up on hot cocoa, put the flannel sheets on the bed and make room on the DVR for holiday Hallmark movies. Go make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy looking through my favorites from Isaac and Jeanie's engagement session.

Happy Friday!

This is the exact spot that Isaac proposed!

LOVE this ring shot!