29 October 2015

Chris | 2016 Steeleville High School Senior

For those of you who don't know, I work full time at Steeleville high school (my old stomping ground) as an individual aide. I work full time now, which I love, but I'm slightly behind in terms of getting my sessions edited. I'm slowly making progress (yay for a day off tomorrow) and I'm so excited to introduce you to Chris.

Chris is a senior at Steeleville high school and since I work there I have seen him around a lot. On the day of his session, I finally got to introduce myself. Chris was a little shy at first and like any other session it took a few minutes for him to get in the groove of taking pictures. We talked about the Cardinals and Blues and what he plans might be after high school. I always love getting to know my seniors in that way. It gets them talking and then before I know it they get comfortable in front of my camera and you get them in natural smiles.

I seriously had the best time with Chris and I'm so happy with how his pictures turned out. Enjoy looking through my favorites.

26 October 2015

Tim + Rachel | An Engagement Session At The Pour Vineyard

Last October, I took wedding pictures at this amazing venue down in Cobden, Illinois. It was an old B&B that had an amazing old barn that was used for events. Ever since that day, I have wanted something similar in this local area I shoot in. Well my friends, Tim and Rachel took me to a new place for their engagement pictures and I cannot wait to tell you all about it and their amazing session.

Rachel wanted a very outdoorsy feel to her pictures with the fall colors. So we started off on some property down from her grandparents. It was amazing, yes, but when she said we were going to this vineyard over by Red Bud I was a little thrown. I was trying to think of a vineyard by Red Bud LOL. Rachel had gotten permission to come shoot on the property of The Pour Vineyard. It's located in the small town of Prairie, Illinois and there this huge old barn that has been renovated for events. We met one of the owners of the property too and she was so sweet. We walked all over the property and Tim kept saying how perfect that spot was for Rachel.

Tim is kind of quiet and I have to be honest when I say that I was a tad bit nervous for this session. He, like most grooms-to-be, didn't seemed to thrilled to be getting his picture taken. But it didn't take long for him to really get into it and have some fun. I think after seeing the barn he got a little more excited because he saw how much Rachel loved the place. I really do think the whole day turned out beautiful and we got the most amazing photographs.

If you are a bride and you're wanting a rustic themed wedding location, contact The Pour Vineyard. It could very well be the location for your big day.

Look at this place! This is the barn I was telling you about!

Rachel and Tim, you two are just adorable! Period.

LOVE this.

Love these black and whites too!

Definitely a favorite!

23 October 2015

Gibson | A 2016 Trico High School Senior

I cannot believe that I'm writing this blog post! Seriously, I cannot believe that Gibson is a senior in high school already. For those of you who do not know, Gibson is my cousin. His dad married my aunt and I can still remember meeting Gibson for the first time. I was a senior in high school at the time and he was two years old!!! He was this cute little kid with the same grin that he has now. It's now his senior year of high school and he has his whole life in front of him. I'm so proud of the man he has become. He's such a sweet and witty guy, has great taste in music, fun personality and doesn't know a stranger.

When it came time for scheduling his session, my aunt and I kept tossing location ideas around. We first settled on Du Quoin but later changed it to Belleville due to other sessions that I had going on the same day. I'm so glad we shot in Belleville now! The locations were fabulous (I've shot there before) and it fit his personality so much better. I cannot pick a favorite though. My aunt and the rest of the family will have a hard time choosing as well but with my sessions you get all the pictures so you don't really have to choose.

Taking senior portraits is definitely something I love doing and I'm so happy that I was able to take Gibson's portraits for him. Enjoy looking through all of my favorites and if you have one that you love, let me know if the comments below. Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for next week's blog posts. There are lots coming your way.