20 February 2017

Lane + Makayla | A Valentine Inspired Engagement Session

I love winter. Most people think I'm crazy but when I start to tell people WHY I love winter they usually agree with me. You see, winter has the prettiest light. It's soft and airy, even when the sun is out. We've had a strangely warm winter but even in those days that feel like spring, there's still a soft and airy light. As a photographer, it's a dream. If this type of light would stick around year round I'd be in heaven. You'll see why when you see the beautiful images below of Lane and Makayla.

I booked Lane and Makayla this past winter for their March wedding. Since it was already winter, there was a hard time in finding decent weather in January for their engagement session. The weather is so unpredictable this time of year so I was afraid to book a date right away. But Makayla and I decided to stick with the weekend before Valentine's Day. I thought it would be a great theme for the session, reds and blacks and I would get a couple props for the shoot as well. Makayla showed up in these patent leather heels and Lane had on a nice black dress shirt and tie with reds and blacks. It was just their style and perfect for the V-Day theme.

I could tell right off the bat that these two were very quiet and shy but it didn't take long to find out what pose was 'their' pose and how they reacted in front of my camera. Usually the engagement session is the first time I'm meeting a couple and I'm always nervous too. I don't know if couples really think about ME being super nervous but I am. It's a different kind of nervous but we still have lots in common. I tend to talk way too much when I'm nervous (even more than usual) and couples tend to look a little tight at first. But it never takes long before my clients and I start to mesh well and start rocking and rolling the session.

I love my new friends, Lane and Makayla and I'm so excited to show you just how well they did at their engagement session. Can you find which pose is 'their pose'? I know I have my favorites. What are yours???

13 February 2017

Alex + Allison | Ste. Genevieve, MO Engagement

I can still remember meeting these two for the first time. Alex and Allison, along with Alex's family, showed up at one of my fall mini sessions and they were this quiet and shy couple who didn't talk much. They are super cute and really photogenic and I loved every picture that I took of them. Just wait till you see how gorgeous Allison is! Seriously, this girl can't take a bad picture! I remember the session went very well and a couple weeks later I heard from Terri, Alex's mother, and she told me that Alex was going to be proposing soon (around the holidays) and that they were looking to see if I'd be interested in taking their wedding/engagement photos. So what started as just a mini session, led to me meeting a cute couple, who got engaged and now I'm going to be their wedding photographer! So cool how that happens. I only have God to thank for that. 

Alex and Allison are getting married in November but Allison was pretty eager to get her engagement pictures taken. I think I'd be the same way if I was newly engaged LOL. The thing is, it's winter and it's really hard to schedule sessions and not know how the weather is going to hold up. As our luck would have it, it was a super nice day around 70 degrees. Who would have thought it would be this nice in February! It was so nice that we just walked around downtown Ste. Genevieve, MO for the beginning of their session. We could have walked around all day but we ended the session at Alex's grandparent's home in the country. It was where Alex grew up and I could tell instantly that he was more comfortable the minute he stepped out of the car. He was grinning from ear to ear and giving me ideas on where we could go. When a groom starts giving me photo location ideas, I knew he's having a good time! By the time we hiked around the property, I ended up with some amazing shots with the golden glow that the winter sunset was giving us. Seriously, I could work with the light EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

I'm so excited to show you my favorites from my time with these two. And I still can't believe these photos were taken in winter :-)