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Hip To Be Square

February 16, 2012

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That’s right… it’s hip to be square. And I don’t mean the Huey Lewis song (which I absolutely love by the way). I mean this little guy. This small device is called a Square and it will allow me to accept credit card payments. It plugs right into my iPhone, how cool is that!!! And don’t worry about a receipt. I can send it right over to you via text or email. Seriously, technology is crazy these days and that’s just why I love it. The fact that I can now swipe a credit/debit card right on the spot (or over the phone by entering the number) is just crazy to me. Up until this point I’ve only been accepting payment by cash or check. Most people use their debit cards so this should be way more convenient for my clients.

Can’t wait to start using my square! At this point, my only concern is losing the darn thing. It’s so small LOL.

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