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Kansas + Mark | Engaged

May 30, 2012

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Kansas and Mark will be getting married in July and I cannot wait! I’ve known Kansas my whole life. She and I are the same age and went to school together. When I found out she was engaged I secretly hoped that she would call me up and ask me to be her wedding photographer. As my luck would have it, she contacted me and said she couldn’t think of anyone better to do it. So we set up a day to go over the contract and I finally got to meet this Mark of hers. Mark is such a great guy. Super quiet and shy, or maybe he’s just that way around me, but I can tell that he is completely smitten with Kansas. She will tell you that he loves his mustang more than her but I think he just teases her with that. He wanted the mustang in some of the pictures and I even got to ride in it. Pretty sweet ride if I do say so myself.

We met up at the ball diamonds in Chester for some baseball pictures. They are both Cardinal fans and brought along some baseballs with the wedding date written on them. Then we all hopped in the mustang and went to a friend of theirs who own a ranch. When we pulled up to the ranch I was stunned by the beauty of the property. New ranch style home with landscaping for die for. There were 2 big barns which I just had to go into. Kansas loves horses so it only made perfect sense that we were there.

As always I have a ton of favorites that I want to show you. Kansas and Mark, I am so happy for you and I can’t wait till July. Your wedding is going to be beautiful and I’m so glad I get to be the one to capture it.

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