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Wilson Family

September 23, 2012

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Meet the Wilson Family. Not exactly the most talkative bunch, which is totally fine. I felt like they were all a little quiet at first but once their session started, they all seemed to get a little bit more comfortable with me. They all wore navy but nobody wore the same thing. It was perfect! Probably one of the best clothing options for a family I’ve seen yet. I liked how everyone matched but wasn’t “matchy matchy.”

Tanya told me that they just wanted a few updated shots of the whole family together and then some pictures of the kids. I think it was the fastest family session I’ve ever had and they were so easy to work with. To get the kids a little more in to things I mentioned the possibility of doing a “jump” picture. That seemed to get them excited and let me tell ya, it was hilarious to watch! Kids are so funny and watching them all jump in the air and pose in different positions is hilarious. They’re all so unique in their own way and they always seem to show their personality best in those types of pictures.

These are my favorites from the Wilson’s session. They turned out amazing and be looking for the “jump shot” at the end. You don’t want to miss it!

How can you not love a shot like this!!! So fun!

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