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Jonah | 2013 Senior

October 10, 2012

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This is Jonah, a 2013 senior from Du Quoin. He’s quite the stud and I love his style. Definitely a guy who came prepared for his senior pictures. And when I say prepared, I mean that he literally came more prepared than I expected. He brought along like 7 pairs of sneakers. So awesome! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little jealous of his sneaker collection LOL. I had on my purple and orange Nike’s but he definitely had me beat.

His session was amazing but the best part came at the end when he put on his football jersey and we went out to the football field. It’s such a nice field!!! Seriously, the players are spoiled LOL. Jonah brought along his girlfriend, Annie, for some pictures. She’s a dancer and so she was in her uniform too. They were so cute and were up for any ideas I had. Of course I offered them a chance to do “jumping” shots because it seems to be a senior favorite. They did and I’m telling you, they are amazing! Probably my favorite jump shots ever! You’ll know what I mean when you scroll down towards the bottom of this post.

Jonah, I had a blast with you and your pictures turned out so good. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!!!

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