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Jungewaelter Family

November 2, 2012

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I met the Jungewaelter family a couple weekends ago at the Pierre Menard home down in Chester. It was a gorgeous fall day with the leaves as orange as could be in the sunlight. Everywhere you looked you saw the colors of fall and I just knew their session was going to be amazing. After a few pictures at  PM, we went down the road to an old bridge that I was given permission to use. If it looks familiar, it’s the same bridge I used for a senior session (the post before this). It’s one of the coolest locations I’ve ever used and they were excited when I told them it was an option. The kids did a pretty good job with pics and they were so much fun. I asked them if they would lay in the leaves with mom and dad for a family pic and they agreed it would be fun. What kid doesn’t love to lay in the leaves??? I don’t know of any. I think the trick to family sessions is to act like a kid yourself… so I laid in the leaves too. It’s how I got the shot and the kids laughed and thought it was funny I was down on the ground too. After laying in the leaves, standing on the old bridge and pics at PM, we went to the last location of the day, some railroad tracks. As always, they turned out amazing. You probably get annoyed with me saying that but that’s truly how I feel about all my sessions. It was so nice meeting the Jungewaelter family and I will never forget laying in the leaves with them. Here are my favorites from their session. Enjoy.

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