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Nathan + Danielle | Engaged

May 3, 2013

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There are couples who show up for an engagement session and they don’t really have ideas on what photos to take. They trust me to do whatever I want pretty much and I usually love that. But every once in a while, it’s nice to get a couple who has an idea that’s different and unique. I had a great couple last week who wanted a vintage session and this week I had a couple who wanted to use colored powder (similar to what you would see during the Color Run). When I heard that Danielle wanted to do that during her engagement session you could imagine my excitement. But like any session, I wanted to get some nice portraits first, as well as Danielle. They started their session off with looking cute. Danielle wore a mint blazer and her hair was curled while Nathan wore a nice shirt and vest. I loved that fact that Nathan was wearing Chuck Taylor’s too, which keeps the look casual and stylist at the same time. They looked adorable and the light was glowy and perfect. They are so darn cute and every pose I had in mind they did without hesitation. 

Then it was time to get messy! There was a whole box of different colored powder. Blue, purple, orange, yellow, etc. So many colors. They basically wanted to throw it at each other and be playful and flirty. Definitely the idea  I had going too. Their faces were hilarious in some of the shots I got but I’m posting the cute ones and the shots that show how much fun they had together. I think those are the best because they truly show how much they love each other. You can’t fake emotion in pictures and I’m so glad I was able to catch their true expressions. 
I cannot wait till their wedding day in a few months, but for now I’ll enjoying looking at their engagement pics. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.

Seriously Danielle, you’re gorgeous!

One of my many favorites right here!

And here’s where things get interesting!

Ahahahahah love these two!

Another favorite right here!

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