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Wade + Tiffani | Fort Kaskaskia Wedding

August 16, 2013

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Can you believe the weather we’re having this summer??? I’m seriously in love with it and I’m so glad that it’s been a mild summer for all of my sessions and weddings. Well…. except for Wade and Tiffani’s wedding! OMG on the day that Wade and Tiffani were married, you could have cut the air with a knife! The humidity was horrible that day (it had rained all morning then the sun came out). Tiffani didn’t let that ruin her wedding day though. She was bound and determined to make the best of her outdoor ceremony at Fort Kaskaskia.

When I first met Wade and Tiffani last year, we discussed all the plans and details of their wedding. A few months later the location for their outdoor ceremony (Fort Kaskaskia) burnt to the ground on Halloween night!!!! Talk about freaking a bride out! I was stressed and it wasn’t even my wedding. To have your dream location burn to the ground and have to think of a “plan B.” They decided to still have the ceremony there and I was excited with them. Tiffani wanted some old antique doors for a backdrop. You know, something simple. She had no idea that Wade’s family was planning something WAY better! When we pulled up to the fort and walked over to where the shelter house used to stand, I was stunned to see this AMAZING setup. There was a whole wall built there with old doors that closed so that Tiffani could still make her grand entrance. I can’t even put into words how beautiful this setup was. You’ll see below. I posted it to my Facebook fan page and it received over 300 likes and some shares. Everyone kept talking about how beautiful it was and that it was so awesome to see something built in the area that once stood the historic shelter house. You can still see burnt parts of the shelter house standing, which I think pulled the whole thing together. A bit of history was still standing for Wade and Tiffani. It was almost as if it was a sign for them, a sign that nothing, not even a fire, would get in the way of what truly matters…. love. Yes, there will be another shelter house one day, but that won’t matter. What matters is that two people love each other so much that they stood in front of all their family and friends (in horrendous heat) and promised to dedicate their lives to one another and become one. It was a beautiful ceremony and I’m so honored that I was able to be apart of it.

Wade and Tiffani, I know that the heat was terrible but you kept trucking on. I cannot wait to do your “after session” and get more portraits of you two. Enjoy my favorites from your wedding day.

Cutest little flower girl!


Seriously!!! How gorgeous is this!

Bagpiper!!!!! Yes there was a bagpiper there! Felt so bad for him in that heat!

They started out nice…..

Then this happened….

Then they made up….

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