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Chris | 2016 Steeleville High School Senior

October 30, 2015

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For those of you who don’t know, I work full time at Steeleville high school (my old stomping ground) as an individual aide. I work full time now, which I love, but I’m slightly behind in terms of getting my sessions edited. I’m slowly making progress (yay for a day off tomorrow) and I’m so excited to introduce you to Chris.

Chris is a senior at Steeleville high school and since I work there I have seen him around a lot. On the day of his session, I finally got to introduce myself. Chris was a little shy at first and like any other session it took a few minutes for him to get in the groove of taking pictures. We talked about the Cardinals and Blues and what he plans might be after high school. I always love getting to know my seniors in that way. It gets them talking and then before I know it they get comfortable in front of my camera and you get them in natural smiles.

I seriously had the best time with Chris and I’m so happy with how his pictures turned out. Enjoy looking through my favorites.

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