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Andy + Haley | A Beautiful Fall Wedding In Albers, IL

November 24, 2015

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I walked into Andy and Haley’s house the day of their wedding and found a kitchen full of bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done and a videography team working with Haley. It was a full house. A house full of the girls that were the closest to Haley. Her sisters, best friends, her mom. Wedding days can be somewhat stressful, but not Haley’s day. Everyone was in such a great mood and everyone had big smiles on their faces. Maybe it was the Backstreet Boys songs playing in the background that made everyone in a good mood LOL. There was a slight debate on Backstreet Boys vs. N’sync that morning and lets just say Backstreet won.

Once Haley got into her wedding gown, we all made our way to the church for portraits. That’s when I saw Andy and his groomsmen for the first time. Andy was grinning from ear to ear, his groomsmen were making jokes and laughing. Again, everyone was in a good mood. How could you not be in a good mood when two people are getting married!

The wedding took place in Albers, Illinois which is a new location for me. Since I had never been there before Haley planned all the stops we would make for portraits. First we stopped by Andy’s farm to get pictures with his tractors. And then we went to an old civil war fort in Germantown. It was really neat and such a great place for portraits. The sun was beginning to set at this point and made for the best romantic light for Andy and Haley’s portraits.

The evening ended in Breese at the American Legion. It was decorated with white drapery and purple flowers. My favorite part was the desert bar! Seriously, just wait till you see this thing. It was gorgeous and almost too pretty to eat! But after the food was served and cake was cut, Andy and Haley shared their first dance as husband and wife. Their wedding day was so special and I loved meeting all of their family and friends.

Enjoy looking through Andy and Haley’s wedding pictures. It was truly hard to pick favorites! And yes, I know I write too much but if you know me then you know I talk a lot so……

Haley ordered some Nike ID’s for her wedding day. Such a cute idea.

Opening her gift from Andy. And her bedroom had the most gorgeous light!

“I guess I have a bracelet to wear now.” Those were Haley’s words after opening the gift. She loved it.

I love the shot on the right. She’s holding hands with her sisters and they were so excited for Haley to be getting into her wedding gown.

Gorgeous Haley.

Seriously! Look how gorgeous Haley looked! Her gown was perfect.

Looking handsome, Andy.

The ceremony took place at St. Bernard’s Church in Albers, IL.

MARRIED! And Haley was pretty excited about it.

Andy is on the fire department so naturally they had to get pics with the truck. FUN.

LOVE this bridal party picture.

Seriously, you two are adorable!

A favorite right here!


This cracks me up LOL.

Reception took place at the American Legion in Breese, IL. Here are the details of the hall.

I love this shot of Andy’s mother laughing during the toasts.

Look at those purple lights! The lights were giving me life LOL.

So sweet….


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