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Lane + Makayla | A Valentine Inspired Engagement Session

February 21, 2017

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I love winter. Most people think I’m crazy but when I start to tell people WHY I love winter they usually agree with me. You see, winter has the prettiest light. It’s soft and airy, even when the sun is out. We’ve had a strangely warm winter but even in those days that feel like spring, there’s still a soft and airy light. As a photographer, it’s a dream. If this type of light would stick around year round I’d be in heaven. You’ll see why when you see the beautiful images below of Lane and Makayla.

I booked Lane and Makayla this past winter for their March wedding. Since it was already winter, there was a hard time in finding decent weather in January for their engagement session. The weather is so unpredictable this time of year so I was afraid to book a date right away. But Makayla and I decided to stick with the weekend before Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be a great theme for the session, reds and blacks and I would get a couple props for the shoot as well. Makayla showed up in these patent leather heels and Lane had on a nice black dress shirt and tie with reds and blacks. It was just their style and perfect for the V-Day theme.

I could tell right off the bat that these two were very quiet and shy but it didn’t take long to find out what pose was ‘their’ pose and how they reacted in front of my camera. Usually the engagement session is the first time I’m meeting a couple and I’m always nervous too. I don’t know if couples really think about ME being super nervous but I am. It’s a different kind of nervous but we still have lots in common. I tend to talk way too much when I’m nervous (even more than usual) and couples tend to look a little tight at first. But it never takes long before my clients and I start to mesh well and start rocking and rolling the session.

I love my new friends, Lane and Makayla and I’m so excited to show you just how well they did at their engagement session. Can you find which pose is ‘their pose’? I know I have my favorites. What are yours???

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