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Lane + Makayla | A Rustic Winter Wedding

March 11, 2017

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It’s not often that I get a call to shoot a winter wedding, and it’s definitely rare to get asked to shoot a wedding on a Friday. Well, that was exactly the case for Lane and Makayla’s big day. I remember talking to Makayla on the phone and she asked if I was available and my first thought was…. what time is this ceremony going to be??? The reason I was concerned was that it gets dark around 5:30pm in the winter and I explained that to Makayla. Since they were having a late ceremony around 5pm that meant that their wedding photos had to take place BEFORE the wedding. There really wasn’t a choice in terms of lighting for portraits and she and Lane didn’t mind one bit. Last Friday, on the day of the wedding, Lane was pretty excited that all the portraits were taken in about 3 hours and that he was finished after that. It meant that he got to enjoy the rest of the day with family and friends after the ceremony and we weren’t running around trying to get more portraits in. It can be a long day of doing portraits in the morning, breaking for the ceremony, then family formals, then more bride/groom and bridal party portraits and then the reception. But a first look can help ease that timeline by getting everything in BEFORE the ceremony, or at least most of the photos, so that you can enjoy your day and relax.

Lane and Makayla’s wedding was so pretty for a winter wedding. The weather we’ve been having lately (until today) has been on the warmer side. To be able to take all these outdoor portraits in the winter and NOT be frozen to the bone is just not normal for this time of year but I was pretty thankful. The color palette that Makayla chose for her bridesmaids to wear was absolutely beautiful and I loved the cardigans that they wore to keep the chill off their arms. Everything went together so perfectly with the tan suits that Lane and his guys were wearing.

And that leaves me to the amazing decor that you’ll see in the detail shots at the reception. If you love those wood palettes on the tables as much as I do, just know that Lane put a lot of hard work and “thumb” into making them LOL. You’ll notice a big bandage on Lane’s thumb in some of the photos and that’s because he cut some of it off a week before the wedding while cutting that wood. He kept a smile on all day but I know that had hand to be thumping!

Lane and Makayla, I wish you two all the very best and many many years of happiness. Your daughter is an absolute beauty and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you three. It was truly an honor to be a part of your special day.

Look at that dress!!!!! Makayla, that dress was made for you!

Wearing the pearls that her sister (seen here) wore on her wedding day and their mother.

Time for the “first look!”

Love this!!!!



There were lots of fun personalities in this bridal party 🙂

Some ceremony details…

Ceremony time… just look how cute Lane and Makayla’s daughter is!!!! EEK!!

It’s official!

Makayla’s mother passed, but she was definitely thought of the whole day. Such a special moment to lay the rose by her photo during the ceremony.

There are obviously more photos of these three, but this is my favorite family portrait from the day. Lane and Makayla’s daughter is such a doll and I’m pretty sure she’s a daddy’s girl LOL.

Reception details.

The fun is about to begin!


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