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Brian + Kelsey | Edwardsville, IL Engagement

May 20, 2017

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One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is meeting couples and learning all about how they first met, how long they have been together and how the proposal took place. I’m a true romantic and love a good love story. So naturally, when I met with Kelsey and Brian for their engagement session, I asked all my usual questions. Hopefully I get all these facts straight because it’s a fun story to tell.

They met 8 years ago. That’s right, 8 YEARS. You’re probably wondering the same thing I was… what took so long? They wanted to get a few things set up first. They went to school, bought a house, got “adult jobs” as they would say and then that’s when they decided it might be the right time to think about getting married. They even looked at rings. Kelsey loves vintage rings and showed Brian a few that she liked. The day that Brian decided to pop the question, well, it didn’t go exactly as planned. He wanted to hang up a sign on a walking path that said “‘WILL YOU MARRY ME” but Kelsey had recently had surgery on her foot and said she wasn’t up for a walk that day. So he came up with plan B. Kelsey enjoys painting and while she was in her room creating something beautiful, Brian was working on his own artwork. He made a sign with tons of little photos of the two of them that spelled out those famous four words. He called her into the living room and surprised her! There he was with that beautiful sign and a gorgeous vintage 1920’s engagement ring. I can only imagine the joy and excitement that took place in that moment for her and Brian both. It was a long 8 years coming and I’m so excited for them.

It was pretty tough to pick my favorites for this post and you’ll see why when you scroll down. Some of my favorites are the ones with their dogs. Jax and Jill are their names and they are so darn cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jax is their baby…

They just recently adopted Jill (like a couple weeks ago) so they had a new family photo taken!

This is THEIR pose for sure!!! Every couple has one but this is my favorite for them.

Kelsey and Brian will be getting married at this courthouse later this year and Kelsey asked if I could get a shot of them in front of the courthouse at night with the lights on. I did my best… definitely not a nighttime photographer LOL.

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