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Kristina + Dylan

September 27, 2022

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Sugar Spring Ranch Wedding

If you live locally to Southern Illinois, you know what amazing weather we’ve been having. This time of year gets me all excited about the cool mornings/evenings, jeans and sweartshirts, drinks warm drinks and sitting by a bonfire. Fall is my favorite season but you know what is almost a close tie… spring! Spring is absolutely beautiful. Yes, it can bring rain but I love the freshness and colors that spring brings. Watching the trees bloom and the grass getting greener is what it’s all about. It also means that my wedding season is just around the corner.

Kristina and Dylan got married this past April at a beautiful venue called Sugar Spring Ranch. If you know that venue, you know how unfortunate it was that their original building burnt down just after a few events. They started rebuilding right away but it meant that reception plans might have to change if it wasn’t built in time. Sugar Spring Ranch also has a second location but it’s used mostly or receptions. Since the building wasn’t finished in time, Kristina and Dylan had to make a few tweaks to change reception venues. Everything worked out beautifully and these two had the most amazing day.

The day started off with me walking into the kitchen where Kristina, her sister, her mom and her mother-in-law were getting ready. It was a small wedding so they had a pretty easy morning. Nobody was running behind, everyone was calm and cool as a cucumber. Kristina was getting her makeup done as I arrived so I started in taking photos of the bridal details. If you know me well, you know that I absolutely love this part. It kicks off my creativity and it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

With a smaller wedding party that meant that portrait time was going to be kind of short but it also meant that it would leave more time for Kristina and Dylan’s bride/groom portraits. We did all of the bridal party and family photos before the ceremony as well as Kristina and Dylan’s first look and portraits. Let me tell ya, I was in photographer heaven because I had a ton of time with these two. I know Dylan doesn’t exactly like his photo being taken but he was a trooper and he allowed me to do what I wanted. I could always read his mood and could tell when he was ready for breaks. Wedding days are long and for a bride and groom there are LOTS of photos.

The night ended at Sugar Spring South, which again was the backup option but in the end it worked out perfect. Kristina and Dylan celebrated with all of their family friends with great music, great snacks/food and amazing cupcakes. I might have had a couple that night. I just had to try a couple different flavors! Being a wedding photographer has it’s perks.

I’m so honored to be chosen as Kristina and Dylan’s wedding photographer and I can’t wait to show you my favorites of their big day below. Enjoy!

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