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The Wedding Album

April 7, 2012

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When I first started thinking about taking wedding photos, I searched all around for the perfect album. The wedding album is something that will be passed around to all of your family members and passed down to children. It’s basically the one thing that will stick around for years to come which means that it needs to be the best…. or at least what I think is the best.

I like things to be simple and I feel like my brides shouldn’t have a difficult decision when it comes to choosing a wedding package. There are so many details to figure out when planning a wedding and the photographer shouldn’t be stressing you out with a TON of choices. Right now I currently offer 2 packages. One with an album and one without. Simple. You either want one or you don’t. Eventually I’ll have it to where I only offer 1 package and ALL my brides will get an album personally designed by me, but for now… I like giving an option.

The albums I use are called KISS Wedding Books. Their philosophy is all about being simple. “There’s one thing we all need more of… LESS”. I’m quoting them from their website. The fact that they like things simple, makes our relationship a match made in heaven. They offer 2 styles (linen or leather), 4 sizes (4×4, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12) and 7 colors (white, green, pink, red, blue, brown, black).

Below is my VERY FIRST album I designed using KISS Wedding Books. I’m so excited to show you! Stepanie and Ty Oakley were married last December. You can see their post on their wedding here. They were my first couple to order an album. I was so nervous designing my first album because I wanted it to be perfect. Well…. it is! Take a look for yourself!

The leather is so soft! Great quality.

The pages lay flat, so there’s no real crease in the middle of the spread. LOVE that.

Nice thick, sturdy pages. Great design and they are hand-made.

The best part is, they each come in their own sleeve to keep it protected. How awesome is that!

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