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Cassidy | 2012 Senior

April 8, 2012

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I met Cassidy this morning around 9am and the first thing she says to me is, “My friend has this barn and lake I’d like to use, is that okay?” When I hear the words BARN and LAKE I’m all for it. Especially when it means a location that I haven’t used before. I told her to lead the way. When we pulled up to her friend’s property I got pretty excited. I saw so many places I wanted to use in just a matter of seconds! Scooter, Cassidy’s dog, came along along with her mother. Scooter is a hyper little dog, but so darn cute. Since he was so excited we decided to let him chill out a bit while we started on Cassidy’s photos.

We first took a quick walk around the property to get a good idea on where to start. OMG! So many places to use, including one door that had a bunch of poison ivy growing around it! That’s right, I had my senior standing next to poison ivy. She didn’t seem to mind ha ha. It wasn’t like I had her standing IN it.

Cassidy, you are gorgeous and I had so much fun with you this morning. I had a hard time choosing my favorites so I hope you like these. Congrats on your upcoming graduation. Good luck to you in your future 🙂

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