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Kelly Moore Bag

April 23, 2012

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When I first started taking pictures I carried around a camera bag that screamed “CAMERA BAG” and it was awful. Bulky and ugly and didn’t hold all of my gear. Not that I had a lot of gear but you get my point. So, I searched around for a camera bag that I could use during photo shoots. Something that was comfortable and somewhat stylish and held all of my lenses especially during weddings. I purchased a ShootSac and it was great for a while but the one thing I hated was that it didn’t stand up on it’s own when I sat it down. At weddings it wears me out to wear my bag the WHOLE day. That’s a 10-13 hour day.

I found the Kelly Moore Bags right at the very beginning on my photography days but it was a bit pricy. I didn’t have the money then and t thought to myself “Who really needs an expensive camera bag? It just holds gear.”But they’re all so pretty and if you’re a girl you totally know my reasoning behind purchasing this bag. It met all my requirements in a camera bag.

1. It stands up on it’s own.
2. It’s stylish.
3. It’s purple (to match my brand)
4. It’s comfortable.
5. Can use it as an actual purse and keep my camera protected.

Kelly is a photographer herself and she designed her line of bags with the exact thought process of most of us girls, and guys, in the industry. I’m so excited that I now have one of her bags. I started with a smaller bag that I can wear while I shoot. In the future I’d like to buy one of the larger bags to hold ALL my gear and my laptop. A lot of women buy these bags for baby bags too, since you can customize the padded areas on the inside.

Here’s my BEAUTIFUL new camera bag. It’s the B-Hobo bag and I absolutely love it. It comes with 2 straps. A longer one to wear messenger style while shooting, and a shorter one for wearing like a normal handbag. What do you think?

It has 3 removable, adjustable pads on the inside. Plus, there’s a large padded area (that you can’t see) for an iPad.

The inside is pink…. come on girls!!! Don’t you just love it 🙂

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