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Brooke + Kaitlyn | Seniors

April 26, 2012

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Earlier this month I met up with Brooke and Kaitlyn in DuQuoin and took a few pictures for them so that they could have something for their yearbook picture. I didn’t have time to do a full photo shoot because I was taking wedding pictures later that day. So we discussed what they wanted for their full photo shoots and they wanted some flowers and a spring type setting. Since there’s nothing really around this area with lots of flowers (unless you trespass into yards around town LOL) I suggested we go to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Well it didn’t take them long to say YES to that idea.

Last Saturday was the day we scheduled the pictures. We left bright and early and when we arrived to the gardens the guy giving the tickets said that we couldn’t do clothing changes inside the garden. Garden rules. Well that was crap considering I had taken pictures there before and nobody told me I couldn’t bring bags of clothing inside. We ended up just changing in the car and taking a change of clothes in our purses. Good thing we all carried large purses! Since Brooke and Kaitlyn brought their huge prom dresses, we had to think of another location. Since we were in St. Louis, we decided to go down by the arch and riverfront. Turned out to work out perfectly because I love their prom dress photos.

As we’re walking around taking pictures by the riverfront Brooke saw a sign for helicopter rides… for $35! She wanted to go so bad. I told her that if it was in fact only $35 a ride, I’d totally go up with her. Well that’s exactly what we did. We had a blast and I took a few photos on my iPhone of that experience.

We all had a blast in St. Louis last weekend and I’m excited to show you my favorites from their session. First I’ll show you a few they took together. You should have seen them jumping in the Botanical Gardens with everyone looking. So funny.

First up is Brooke. Great personality and amazing prom dress. 

Here’s Kaitlyn. Seriously, she’s gorgeous! Especially her prom dress pics.

Last but not least, a few pictures of Brooke and I up in the helicopter.

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