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Kelsey | 2013 Senior

September 28, 2012

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Meet Kelsey. A 2013 senior from Sparta and she’s absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, the first couple shots you’ll see below are literally the first couple of photos I took of her. I think she was a tad bit nervous at first but it didn’t take long for her to get over that LOL. We drove all over town using great spots, some that I have used before and others that I had only used a couple times and finally went back to. It’s hard to not get bored with the same locations but I’m slowly finding new ways to make the same spots new different.

Some of my favorite shots are with her boyfriend, Rex. They’re so cute and I could tell that Rex was ready for whatever I wanted him to do. Not a shy bone in his body… or at least he wasn’t with me. My absolutely favorite pictures of Kelsey were taken at this old building that is sitting empty at the moment. It has these awesome stairs that are starting to crumble and there are weeds growing through the concrete. A hidden gem that I almost forgot about. What’s funny is that when we were there, a cop pulled up and asked us what we were doing. I guess he thought we were vandalizing or something. We told him we were taking senior pictures and he literally looked at us like we were crazy. I guess it didn’t look like a location worthy of pictures but I told him to trust me LOL. He drove off in confidence that we wouldn’t tear anything up or do anything we weren’t suppose to do. It was worth it though and I thank him for not making us leave because the pictures taken there were absolutely stunning! Seriously, Kelsey, you rocked your session and they couldn’t have turned out any better!

I hope you love your pictures as much as I do, Kelsey. I enjoyed your session and getting to meet your boyfriend and the others who came along. It was so much fun. Good luck the rest of your senior year. I wish you all the best.

Seriously, how cute are they!!!

And here’s where the cop came!

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