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Savannah + Sierra | 2013 Seniors

November 2, 2012

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I always wanted to be a twin. I just think there’s something cool about having someone who looks like you. My mother will tell you that I’m quite enough and that 2 of me would have been way more than she could handle, but I like to think it would be awesome. You can imagine my excitement when Savannah contacted me to take her and her sister’s senior pictures. When I found out they were twins, I grinned so big and thankfully it was through a Facebook message and not on the phone or else she would have heard me grinning through the phone LOL. Seriously, I was pumped and I knew it would be a fun session.

I took their portraits in Sparta and they wanted a mix of country and modern. It’s one of the best towns around with both options. Their dad came along too and he had some great ideas himself. After 3 hours we finished their session and I just couldn’t wait to get home to edit them. Their pictures turned out amazing and you can totally see their different personalities. I’m not gonna lie, when they first arrived they told me which was which….well that lasted through the first outfit. When they changed I forgot and told them I needed help. They made notes for me on who wore what outfit. So funny. They didn’t mind and laughed right along with me.

Savannah and Sierra, I had an awesome time at your session. You two are beautiful and I loved every single picture I took of you girls. It was so nice meeting you and your dad and I wish you two all the very best. Enjoy my favorites from your session.

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