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January Goals

January 2, 2013

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I’ve been sitting around the last couple of days thinking about my blog and how I want to change it this year. Usually I post about sessions and that’s all fine and dandy but when it comes down to it, I want to blog about me too. What I’m up to, hobbies, travels, etc. I want my clients to know about me. It makes perfect sense. If I were a bride, for example, and I was searching around for photographers and I came across a blog like this one, I would love to find that maybe we had the same favorite color, or that that photographer liked to crochet like I do. If I were to put myself out there more, my clients would know me more and that just makes for a better relationship. Again, I always stress that I want my clients to become friends, not just someone who pays me and I do the service and we never speak again. That seems so cold and dry.

I wanted to come up with monthly goals so that I had a “to do” list to keep me on track (personally and for my business). From now on, you’ll all be seeing a LOT more posts from me and see more of what I’m up to when I’m not behind the camera.

• Tackle my “to do” list
• Blog on a regular basis (not just session, my personal stuff too)
• Start design on bridal welcome packet
• Pay sales tax for last quarter
• Start gathering up info for taxes (this is my LEAST favorite time of year…. taxes)
• Prepare for bridal show later this month
• Update wedding production board
• Make Portrait production board
• Order more stationary (about to run out eek!)
• Shoot my step sister’s wedding WELL!
• Buy plane tickets and book hotel for Katelyn James Photography’s workshop Feb. 4

• Eat better and exercise more! (Let’s face it, this is hard for anyone LOL)
• Drink more water
• Go to church more often
• Spend wiser (shouldn’t be too hard, we just had Christmas!!!)
• Make better use of my time

I’m definitely a “to do” list kind of girl. Let me know how you stay organized and on track. Maybe some of your ideas would help me.

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  1. Kacy, you list looks very similar to mine. Especially the tax ones, ugh, I hate numbers!

    You have probably seen my most recent picture of my newly organized office, I plan on that helping a lot. I too am a list person, I keep a calendar (with month and week view) with me at all times and update it as I receive messages and check email. I also use an app called TeuxDeux which I can access on my computer and iPhone (not out for iPad yet for some reason, at least it didn't transfer). I can move things around easily there and I have it with me at all times to update with what I need to work on that night, who I need to contact, etc. This app and my calendar help tremendously to keep me on task. Hope some of that helps!!

    Good luck with your goals this month and this year!!

  2. kaceywolters says:

    Thanks Mariah! I'm beginning to think nobody reads my blog entries LOL. Thanks for always being one person I can count on 🙂

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