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Chase + Sarah | Purple & Teal Wedding

April 13, 2013

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Wedding season has officially started and I’m so excited. It seems like we had the longest winter ever and I’m not exaggerating. When you’re a photographer and you take photos OUTSIDE, winter can seem like an eternity. Not only was I ready for perfect sunny weather, I was ready to start taking portraits again. Last Saturday was the absolute most perfect day (it was a little windy but temperatures were in the 70s). I was screaming for joy since I always like to try to get bridal party pictures outdoors. For Chase and Sarah’s wedding, things didn’t turn out as planned.

Sarah wanted to take wedding portraits in the field behind their church, where we took their engagement photos. You can view that session here. It was the awesome session with the piano. Turns out, it’s like a swamp land with the piano right in the middle. Definitely couldn’t get a bride and 8 bridesmaids to stand in that LOL. Plan B meant that we would have to make it work with the piano in the background. Just as soon as I had Sarah and her bridesmaids in their place we saw things ‘moving’ around our feet. Before I could yell out what it was, someone yelled SNAKE and you saw 10 females screaming for their lives, me being one of them. I then remembered that I had to get pictures of what was happening around me. I’m scared of snakes so the only picture I got was one of the groomsmen holding it. Needless to say the bride suggested the rest of the pictures be taken indoors and I don’t blame her. We’ve scheduled an “after session” for more outdoor pics in a few weeks.

The wedding was beautiful and purple and teal was everywhere. They even had purple and teal lighting at the reception hall! It was so cool and make for great photographs. I had such a great time at Chase and Sarah’s wedding, minus the snakes! Every wedding has a story and this particular wedding will definitely have a story to tell for years to come.

Enjoy looking through my favorites from their wedding.

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