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Showit & PASS And How I Use Them In My Business

July 16, 2013

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One of the questions I get asked the most is “How do I get my photos after my wedding/session?” It’s the question that probably takes the longest to answer because it’s so detailed. It’s so detailed that I’ll be updating my website “info” page right after I finish this blog post.

Showit is what I use to run my website. I pay $39/a month and that gives me full access. I can make any changes I want like update galleries, change photos on different pages or update information on pricing and packages. It’s such a simple program. You can choose from starter designs or you can create your own by dragging and dropping design elements. It’s really quite easy. I figured I would have been super confused but it didn’t take me long to figure things out. I bought a template from one of their designers and made my own changes to fit my branding. If you simply can’t figure out how to make your own OR you simply don’t want to, you can have one of their designers make a website for you at an added cost.

One of the reasons I wanted to use Showit in the first place was because of their +sites. I love +sites because it’s what I use for all of my weddings. I can create as many as I want (for free). Each bride and groom gets a custom site from me after their engagement session and it then becomes the central hub for all of their photos and blog posts from me. It’s so easy for my couples to share with their family and friends. Here are what my +sites look like. Usually there is a box for the engagement pictures but Chad and Chelsea didn’t have engagement pictures with me so I linked to their Facebook album.

Moving on to PASS. PASS is what I use to share my images to my clients. So when a client clicks on “the wedding” tab, it takes them to their online gallery. Here’s what it looks like. If any of you have a Pinterest account then this type of layout will look familiar to you. It adjust to your screen, whether it be on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

There is a menu on the top left that shows all the categories of a wedding day (getting ready, bride & groom, bridal party, etc.) and there is also a button to download all the images in the gallery. When you click on an individual photo there is a menu that shows options for sharing on different social media websites. There is also an option to add photos to your “favorites” and you can print those “favorites” if you wish. If you choose to make prints (4×6 – $1, 5×7 – $2 or 8×10 – $4) they will come directly to your door. My clients get a print release that allows them to make copies on their own with a lab that I refer them to but the basic print sizes are available from the PASS site.

Did I mention that you can make your very own app on your smart device with your PASS site??? That’s right! After your session, when you view the link on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be given then option to make an app right then. It’s easy to do and it’ll be a direct link to your gallery without having to go into your email and click on the link. I’m telling you… it’s awesome!

I’m definitely a “shoot and share” photographer. I’ve never been pushy on selling products. It’s 2013 and the main thing my clients want is the ability to have their photos quickly so they can share with their family and friends and this is how I make that happen. My senior and family sessions do not get a +site but they do get galleries like this and I haven’t had a client NOT like these. They are so easy to use and I’m so happy I started using them.

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