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Tom + Kim | St. Louis Botanical Gardens Wedding

September 20, 2013

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I have been to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens numerous times for senior sessions and just to walk around on my own, and I’ve always thought to myself how awesome it would be to shoot a wedding there. Well, my dream came true when I met Tom and Kim at their bridal consult. When they told me their plans for the wedding I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was. The Gardens are so beautiful and there were so many ideas running through my head.

Kim hand crafted all of the paper hearts at the ceremony site, the Lehmann Rose Garden. She even made all of the paper flowers for her bouquet and the bouts. Definitely a DIY bride and the details she worked on were so amazing and had to have taken a ton of time. The paper came from their favorite books and considering Kim is a librarian, it fit her perfectly!

After a beautiful ceremony, we all went over to the Mad Art Gallery for the reception. There were paper lanterns on the tables glowing in teal and pink, the wedding colors, and lanterns hanging from the ceilings. It was so pretty to see the pink lights flowing through the room. When the DJ announced the wedding party in, they formed a tunnel of parasols and lightsabers LOL. It was so cute.

This wedding was definitely a lot of firsts for me and I’m so excited to show you favorites from Tom and Kim’s big day. They are amazing…. just look for yourselves!

There was a lot of whispering going on between them LOL.

Kim checking out of her ring.

My favorite from the day!

They make a cup of Earl Grey tea for each other in the mornings. They love it and it was their favors.

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