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Winter Roundup – Update Status

March 10, 2014

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IT HAS BEEN THE LONGEST WINTER EVER! Am I right??? The last few years I’ve looked forward to the down time and winter months since I don’t take many pictures from December-March. But this winter has literally be dragging on and on and I’m so ready to start back up again. It’s perfect timing because this Saturday is my first wedding of 2014 and I’m so excited. It’s for a dear friend and I love her family. I’ll be seeing lots of people I know this weekend and catching up so it will be more than just shooting a wedding.

I have 5 weddings in a row starting Saturday and then a 2 week break (which I’ll be headed to Alabama to visit my momma after Easter) and then it’s back to a another 5 weddings in a row. Lots of events coming up and I couldn’t be more happy.

The last few months haven’t been great weather wise, but I have done so much personally that I’m glad I had the down time to do it. Here are some things I did over the winter…

1.) Attended my BFF’s baby shower (haven’t seen her in months since she lives over 2 hours away). It was so great seeing her. She ended up having her baby 5 weeks early (2 days after her shower) and I’m proud to say she had a baby girl and she’s doing wonderful.

2. I bought a treadmill from a friend and it’s currently in my kitchen. Seriously, in my kitchen. I don’t have a lot of room in my house so that’s where it will be. Hey…. it’s in the room where I head to most and what got me in this shape in the first place so why not LOL.

3. A couple of my nieces had birthdays and honestly, I forgot to take pics with the one…oops! But I did take the youngest to the American Girl store and she shopped till she dropped.

4. Saw Jersey Boys at The Fox.

5. Designed some guest book albums for upcoming weddings.

6. Did some shopping myself.

7. Spent some much needed time with my cat. I know that sounds crazy but I’m gone a lot so this winter helped me stay in and spend time with him. Pets need love too you know 🙂

8. Ended a successful basketball season coaching 10 girls in high school cheerleading. It was such a good season with lots of ups and downs but I had fun. Our banquet is this Wednesday and I actually held tryouts for next season this past weekend.

Enjoy the last few days of winter because spring is upon us and I know I’m ready to get out of the house finally and get some sunshine. Have a wonderful week.

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