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Journaling: My Way To De-Stress

March 13, 2014

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I’m a busy girl and it’s sometimes hard for me to just sit back and relax. It’s hard for me to have nothing to do. When I have nights where I’m bored I hate it. Most people would love that but for me I thrive on being busy and doing lots of things. I’m afraid that with everything that I do comes stress. I run my own business, I work part-time at the local newspaper and I am a cheerleading coach (which is year round it seems). It’s normal I guess, to feel stressed. Everyone has something that they worry about or think too much about.

About a year ago, I picked up a notebook from Walmart and started writing in it. I started writing down my goals, my fears, my complaints and what happened that day. I started to feel better. I started sleeping better. It allowed me to say whatever I wanted to say at that moment and I left it all in that notebook. There are things that I wrote in it that nobody would ever read so that helped me be more honest with myself. The goal here isn’t to complain on a daily basis and get everything off my chest. The goal is to just talk, even if it’s to myself. That may sound crazy to some of you reading this (if anyone even reads this LOL), but it’s working for me.

Above is a picture of my new journal. It’s so pretty! I went to Barnes & Noble one day and saw it but wasn’t quite finished with my crappy old notebook at home. I told myself to finish out the notebook and then I could get it. So that’s what happened. I went back a few weeks later and bought it and it’s given me a whole new inspiration to write in it. I sit down at the end of every day with a cup of tea (or wine) and I write down my daily thoughts and close the book. I recommend all of you trying this. You’d be surprised at how better you’ll feel just by getting some things off your chest or just writing down memories that you’ll look back on. Things that you may forget about when you read them later. Relationships that seemed like the end of the world and then read back and think “what was I thinking!” There’s so many reasons why you should start…. so start today!

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