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What Photographers Inspire Me?

March 25, 2014

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I spend hours on the internet each week reading blogs and looking at photos from photographers all over the world. I probably sound lame now telling you that but it’s how I learned so much about this industry. Since I went to college for graphic design, I didn’t know a lot about photography when I got started. I basically sat online and read blogs and watched tutorials on YouTube. If you’ve been reading my blog you would already know that. But even if you know that, you may not know exactly what blogs I absolutely love.

These ladies are each amazing in their own way. Their styles are all very different and I could definitely tell them apart if you showed me a few samples. They share themselves freely with the world and their clients. They are such great role models for those of us in the industry and I don’t know where my business would be without them.

In no particular order….here are my top 4 photographers/blogs that I LOVE!

1. Katelyn James Photography (no brainer here guys!)
2. Jasmine Star Photography
3. Abby Grace Photography
4. Melissa Jill Photography

Make sure you all take time out of your day and check out their blogs. You’ll be amazed like I was!

And since all blog posts need a photo, I’ll leave you with a cute cell phone pic of Huck. He’s going to be 1 soon! Can’t believe it.

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