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Alabama Vacation

May 14, 2014

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Alabama with my aunt Jan to visit my mom and step dad. The last time I went was last year in August so it was time for some much needed R&R. They live super close to Gulf Shores and Dauphin Island so beach days were planned. Aunt Jan LOVES the beach and sunbathing and I’m pretty sure she was in heaven. It was hard to peel her away from the beach to go home!

The last time I visited my mom it rained a couple days so I never got to lay out in the sun or enjoy the beach. This time was way different and because of that I really didn’t get a whole lot of pictures. The skies were the bluest I’ve ever seen, the sounds of the ocean were so calming and relaxing and the amazing tastes of fresh shrimp were to die for. 
On the last day of our visit, before heading home, I took some senior portraits for a boy at Spanish Fort High School. You can see that post here. I wanted to take portraits on the water and be in a different setting than what I work with in Southern Illinois. I had a blast at Brandon’s session and it definitely made my trip that much more exciting. 
Happy Hump Day and I hope you’re all hanging in there till the weekend!
Dauphin Island is so peaceful and quiet. 

I wish that was MY beach house LOL.

Gulf Shores is pretty amazing too. Definitely more people and louder than Dauphin Island, but that’s what makes it awesome. It’s close to many restaurants and shopping.

I love all the colors of the beach houses.

I hope I don’t get grief over this picture but I had to post how beautiful our spot was!

My beach bag, chair and hat. That hat saved me because my face would have been so sun burnt if I didn’t have it.

I wanted to get a sunset picture so we went to the pier in Daphne, AL (which is right next to Spanish Fort where my mom lives).

This pier has one of the best views of the bay by Mobile, AL.

While waiting on Brandon to show up for his senior session, we walked around the pier in Fairhope, AL. There is this amazing rose garden around a fountain. The roses were HUGE and smelled so great.

The Daphne Pier in daylight. It’s so pretty.

And last, but certainly not least, a picture of my fabulous aunt Jan. I had so much fun on this trip and I’m so glad she was able to go with me. Our road trip was awesome (except for driving through massive storms) and hilarious and there were times I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see where I was driving (delirious much). I can’t wait for my next trip down there. I’m taking my grandmother down in August because she hasn’t seen where my mom and Brad live yet. Raise your hand if you like road trips!!!!

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