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Aaron + Annie | Murray, KY Engagement Shoot, Murray State University

November 14, 2014

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When I first started my business, one of my main concerns was going to the same locations for my sessions and not finding any new spots after a while. I don’t want all my clients to repeat locations and I certainly don’t want to get burnt out shooting the same backgrounds all the time. I try to mix it up as much as possible but when the chance for a whole new place comes around, it’s like Christmas for a photographer.

That’s exactly how I felt when Aaron and Annie told me they wanted their engagement session down in Murray, KY. I was super excited. Murray is where they met and where they just bought the cutest little house. Annie is my best friend’s cousin and I’ve actually known Annie for a little while now. She was in a wedding I shot in the past and I know some of her family. So on the day of their session, that was my first time meeting Aaron. I had heard great things about Aaron. That he was funny, entertaining and just a great personality in general. Well, all of those things turned out to be true. Aaron was so funny! There were times that I seriously laughed so hard I was crying. You’ll see what I mean below. Aaron told me I could post the picture so I’m in the clear LOL. It just shows his personality and I love it. Annie is quite the hoot too but I don’t have any pictures to prove that (you’re all good Annie).
I cannot wait for you all to see these pictures! I’m so in love with them. Murray’s campus is so beautiful and made the perfect backdrop for Aaron and Annie’s session. I cannot wait till next year when they get married because I’ll be making the trip back down to Murray for it too!
Happy Friday!!!! Enjoy the weekend.

This is the Shoe Tree on Murray State University’s campus. It’s by the Pogue Library. Nobody knows when exactly the tradition began, but if a couple meets on campus, fall in love and then marry, it’s good luck to nail a shoe from each partner on to the tree.

Probably my ultimate favorite spot was the Lovett Auditorium. It was were they wanted to have their wedding but it just didn’t work out for certain reasons. They were able to get a key to it for their engagement pictures at least which was perfect!

I tell Aaron to get romantic and softly touch Annie’s check for a kiss and I get this in return! LOL Seriously, so darn funny!

But then the next shot was this… ahhh!! He can be funny but he is romantic too 🙂

Annie, you’re gorgeous! You’re going to be a beautiful bride!

We ended the session with a few shots in front of their new home. So darn cute! What a great shot to get and great idea. I can just see little kids running around in that yard!

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