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Jon + Emily | An Indian Camp Creek Engagement Session, Wentzville, MO

May 29, 2015

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This is a hard blog post to write. I fear that I won’t be able to put into words how happy I am for this couple. And the reason is, this isn’t just any couple. This is Jon and Emily and Emily has been my best friend since college!!! I met Emily 14 years ago. We were in the same graphic design program at Hickey College in St. Louis. There were a few weeks that we didn’t really talk much, she was just a girl in my classes but then one day while sitting in the computer lab I got to talking about the WB station on TV (anyone remember that). Well, there was this frog on there that always sang “Hello My Baby” and I couldn’t think of the name of that frog. Emily yelled across the room “It’s the Michigan J Frog” and from that moment our quirky personalities meshed and we became best friends. If you have no idea what the Michigan J Frog is then you can look here LOL.

Emily and I live a couple hours apart now but we have always managed to stay since college. For years our weekends (when I could make the trip) consisted of Taco Bell runs and crocheting to chick flicks till the early hours of the morning. Yes, we’re rebels LOL. I can remember Emily buying her first home, her first job out of school, and her first date with Jon. When I first heard about Jon, of course I had to ask lots of questions. I kind of felt protective, of course, because Emily was pretty smitten and I couldn’t blame her. Jon is really a great guy. The truth is, I’ve only been around Jon a couple of times LOL. When you live two hours away it’s hard to get together, especially when my weekends involve shooting weddings on weekends. Each time I’ve been around Jon it’s always the same…. he’s a really awesome guy with a fun personality. During the engagement session he kept making jokes and acting silly and that makes Emily laugh. I’m pretty sure everyone needs laughter in their relationship and to have fun and that’s exactly what Jon and Emily have.

I’m so happy for my best friend and her soon-to-be new life as a WIFE! I absolutely love shooting wedding photos but this wedding will be a favorite for sure. I can’t wait for Emily to walk down the isle next month but for now you all get a special treat looking at the beautiful engagement pictures we got a couple weeks ago at Indian Camp Creek in Wentzville, MO. It’s a beautiful location and it’s the same place they will be married.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

This is the exact spot they’ll be married in next month!

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