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Mason + Samantha | A Wedding On The Family Farm | Rockwood, Illinois

June 6, 2015

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How many days has it rained the past couple of weeks? I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of all the rain. Yes, we need it and I’m not complaining, but as a wedding photographer I wish for NO rain on Saturdays so that my brides have the wedding of their dreams. Last Saturday, Mason and Samantha’s wedding didn’t go as planned and that’s okay. Half of the day was absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, the sky was blue and the sun was shinning bright. That all was true till about 30 minutes before ceremony time. The skies began to get dark and the temperature dropped quite a bit leading into a huge downpour of rain. Guests were arriving and some went ahead and sat in their seats with umbrellas and the rest of us waiting up in the garage of Samantha’s grandparents house. We first decided to see if the rain would pass… and it did (for about 10 minutes). When it stopped, we all practically ran to our spots to get ready for the quickest wedding ceremony of all time (because more rain was close) and just as we all got settled, it began to pour, again. We all darted back up to the garage because this time was way heavier than before. That’s when Mason and Samantha made the decision to just get married in the garage. Now, it wasn’t the most gorgeous of setting for a wedding ceremony but it ended up being amazing. Samantha’s parents were married in the living room of that very house, so it was almost meant to be, that they were suppose to get married in the house too.

As Samantha walked down the isle toward Mason, we all didn’t care that they were standing in front of a tool box covered with a cloth. We all didn’t even notice that we were standing in a garage at that point. All that mattered was that two people were getting ready to make a promise to one another. Mason and Samantha were getting married with the most important people in their life right there with them. In that moment, nothing mattered. It was probably one of the most intimate and beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed. It just goes to show that a wedding is more than just perfect details, tuxedos, flowers and wedding gowns. It’s about commitment and love. I heard numerous times from both Mason and Samantha that they didn’t care that their ceremony didn’t go perfectly. They just wanted to get married.

Now, I’m not married but when that time comes for me, I hope to have the most special day just like Mason and Samantha. They have a love that is seriously so strong and I envy them and their commitment to God and one another. Enjoy looking through my favorites from their wedding day.

Mason got Sam some new pearl earrings to wear on their wedding day.

Mason is a Captain America fan…..

Gorgeous colors!!!!

Mason has Sam’s fingerprint on his wedding ring and there is some engraving on the inside too. Pretty cool.

Setting up the chairs for the ceremony

Mason designed Sam’s ring!

The rain started….

Everyone ready for the ceremony to begin

Does she look upset that her wedding was in the garage???? NOPE! Pure joy!

Sam was pretty much carried everywhere by Mason so that her dress wouldn’t get muddy LOL

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