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Steven + Jill | A Joyful Teal And Red Wedding | Steeleville, Illinois

June 19, 2015

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I normally blog a wedding a week after it has taken place. But this week is a little late because I went on vacation last week to visit my mom down in Alabama and I didn’t work at all! I guess that’s what vacation is for but I always feel bad when I have a vacation set in the middle of wedding season. I try my hardest to get a wedding edited before I leave but it’s just impossible (for my anyways).

Even thought it’s late, it’s still fabulous and I cannot wait to show you my favorites from Steve and Jill’s wedding. I started off their wedding with meeting Steve to get some shots of him getting ready. I loved having this time with the groom because usually I don’t end up seeing the groom/groomsmen till portrait time. After I finished up there I went out to Jill’s house where she and the bridesmaids were getting ready. Jill was pretty calm and just soaking up the day. She wanted to do a first look with her dad and even though her dad technically walked through the living room right as she was finishing up getting ready, it was still a very sweet and teary eyed moment between the two. It was really special and I love those moments on weddings days.

Steven and Jill decided to also do a first look and get all the portraits done before the ceremony, including family photos. When we arrived at the Pierre Menard Home for their first look, Jill had a surprise. She brought her dogs along! The girls were dressed to kill and looked fabulous and when Steve turned around thinking he was going to be seeing Jill, he saw the pups. He was so excited to see them. The pups were originally going to be apart of the ceremony but things changed but Jill still wanted them apart of their day. When the first look actually took place, Steve was so excited to see Jill and how beautiful she was. It was a special moment too!

After all the portraits took place and ceremony was over, we all headed to the American Legion for the reception where you had to play Name That Tune in order for your table to go through the food line! It was a huge hit and the guests were loving it! I had never seen that before so if you’re thinking of something fun to do for dinner, here you go!

I had so much fun at Steven and Jill’s wedding and I loved the vibrant teal and red color palette. When I left the reception there was still a full dance floor and everyone was having a blast. I hope you enjoy looking at their love story through these pictures. Congrats to the Steven and Jill!

The cicada’s were horrible that day LOL.

Steven is in Med school so he brought along his stethoscope for ring shots.

They handed out glow sticks to all the kids before the dancing began.

Some of the big kids liked them too LOL.

The toilet paper roll game…. hilarious!

Victory was given to the bride!

Steven and Jill were gifted “Cool Spoons” at 9pm at their reception. Everyone was LOVING it! I mean who doesn’t love ice cream??!!

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