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Eric + Mary | A Downtown Maeystown Engagement Session

June 25, 2015

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When Mary and I started discussing ideas and locations for her engagement session, she kept mentioning in her emails that she wanted something rustic and a location that had a vintage/antique feel. The first place that came to mind was Maeystown, IL. It’s this cute little town near Waterloo, IL and I shoot there often. There are less than 200 people that live there and 3 main streets that run through it. It definitely has a rustic and vintage feel. Mary and Eric had never been there but they trusted me with it. When we pulled up into town I could tell that they were excited and Mary told me it was exactly what she had in mind. It’s such a neat town to shoot in and has so much to offer. The people that live in that town are super nice and always offering to let me use their yards or front porches for pictures too!

But back to Eric and Mary. They brought along two outfits and we made a plan on where we would go with each. The weather was a bit hot and I tried to work quickly so they wouldn’t melt LOL.  It’s so hard to judge how the weather is going to be in Southern Illinois. You just have to roll with it and Eric and Mary did just that. Yes, they were hot but you would never know it by looking at these pictures. They are a super cute couple and kind of shy at first but it didn’t take long to get them being themselves in front of my camera. I told Eric at the beginning of the session that he may be shy at first but by the end of the session he would be having fun and then HE would be the one coming up with ideas for poses. And I was right! When we were about finished I asked if they had anything else they wanted to do and that’s when Eric shot off about 3-4 ideas LOL. We did them all and it was nice to see him open up to me. I love it when grooms-to-be get comfortable around me. It will only make it that much easier on their wedding day.

I’m so excited to show off this adorable couple. Enjoy looking through my favorites from Eric and Mary’s session and if you ever have a free day, take a drive to Maeystown and walk around for a bit. There’s even an ice cream shop to get yourself a cool treat on these hot summer day.

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