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Details Matter | Tips For Brides & Photographers

August 18, 2015

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Today I’m talking about wedding details. It’s one of my favorite things to shoot on a wedding day and it’s usually the first thing I shoot when I arrive at the location where the bride is. I wanted to discuss a few things that can help you get better detail shots on your wedding day. And if you’re a photographer, I’ve got a couple tips for you too.

1.) Accents and Elements From The Day For Styling

If you are having a rustic wedding and you’re maybe using wood accents for table centerpieces or lace for runners, I would suggest keeping a piece of that wood and lace for details shots of the rings and wedding stationary. If you don’t have anything specific, then I usually shoot details on a bridesmaid’s dress or use some flowers to incorporate the color scheme of the wedding. I’ve even used the bride’s dress and veil for detail shots too. The trick is to have sometime that ties in your wedding theme.

2.) Shoot For Vendors

This tip is for photographers only really. When you’re shooting detail images on a wedding day, try to keep in the back of your mind the vendors. Shoot different angles and different depths of field for a variety of looks. Then once the event has been shared with the bride and groom, you can send the vendors the pictures so they have images for their marketing purposes. It’s a great way to share your work with vendors and when potential clients come in to book with a florist or venue, your name could come up because of your photos.

3.) Keep One Copy Of Wedding Stationary For Pictures

This goes for invites, programs, etc. and the reason is because after something has been mailed, there’s a good chance it’s been bent and torn up through the postal service. It’s really nice to have a fresh new invite to stage for a photo.

4.) Perfume Counts!

I know this may sound silly, but pictures of your perfume bottle are important too! When I mention to my brides that I want them to lay out everything that they are wearing on your wedding day, I want this too. Sometimes it’s a simple body spray or it’s a nice bottle of some top of the line fragrance. I think it’s nice to remember even the smells you had on your wedding day.

5.) Shoot With Album In Mind

Another tip for photographers mainly, but this one is a biggy. I like to shoot my detail shots with the album in mind (even if the couple hasn’t purchased one). Some of my brides come back after the wedding a purchase an album separately and others are DIY album makers. It’s always nice to have a spread of detail shots and have the theme/connection of elements shine through. Here are a few examples below.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay fabulous!

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