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Bryce + Jodi | A Beautiful Navy & Orange Wedding – Steeleville, Illinois

August 13, 2015

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It’s been a whole month since I last blogged anything and I’m a little ashamed of myself. I really don’t like slacking on the blog simply because I love writing to you all (whoever actually reads these things). I never thought of myself a good writer but I love writing about love stories.

Bryce and Jodi were married on August 1 in the beautiful small town of Steeleville, Illinois. For it being August, the weather was actually quite awesome. It could have been a LOT hotter and a lot more humid but it was perfect. When the groomsmen aren’t sweating to death in their suits in the middle of summer, you know it’s a great day!

Bryce and Jodi were set up by Andy, Bryce’s best man. Andy had been trying to set them up for a while and telling Bryce how amazing Jodi was and vice versa. It was never good timing I guess. So, after planning a family BBQ, Andy invited Bryce to come eat and hang out and told him that Jodi would be at the BBQ too. It didn’t take long for Bryce to say, “When do we eat?” The rest is history pretty much and after buying a house and 2 dogs, they finally said “I do.”

I’m so honored that Bryce and Jodi picked me to tell their love story through their wedding photos. It was a beautiful day shared with family and friends and I cannot wait to show you my favorites from their big day.

Check out these heels! Jodi made them herself!

Jodi’s mom helping her get ready.

Cute robes girls!

There were charms with pictures on Jodi’s bouquet with pictures of her grandfathers and Bryce’s grandparents. Bryce didn’t know about it and Jodi was going to surprise Bryce with it during the “first look.”

Bryce is a huge Chicago Bulls fan (anything Chicago really…. even the Cubs) and Jodi gave him some Bulls cufflinks.

First look time….

As you can see…. Bryce was very happy.

Checking out the bouquet…

You two are just too cute!

Gorgeous, Jodi!

Was feeling a little creative with this shot LOL.

This was a very fun bridal party!

Ceremony is about to begin. Here are a couple detail shots.

As Jodi started to walk down the isle with her father, I turned around to look at Bryce…

and it was precious! I love looking at the groom when the bride walks down the isle.

One of my other favorite parts of the ceremony is when the hand off happens between the groom and the bride’s father.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is so beautiful and I love the natural light that flows in on ceremonies.

They were pretty pumped to be husband and wife finally.

Lucy and Lily! So cute! They even and cute little flowers on their collars.

Cutting the cake!

When Bryce moved to Steeleville a few years ago, he became the basketball coach at the high school. Well, that first year of coaching led him to a regional championship which the school hadn’t seen in a long time. Here is a picture of him with some of the guys from that team.

Dancing their first dance as husband and wife 🙂

I love daddy/daughter and mother/son dances a lot. So special.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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