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Kyle + Hayley | Engaged

September 9, 2015

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I got a call back in May from Kyle and he was asking if I was available to shoot his wedding in September. At the time I already had 4 weddings booked and one Saturday left for booking. It was Kyle and Hayley’s wedding date. I told Kyle that I was waiting on a bride to get back to me to see if she was committed to that date and as luck would have it, the date became available and I booked Kyle and Hayley!

On the day of their engagement session, it was absolutely beautiful! If you live in the Southern Illinois area and you remember the awesome weather we had about a week ago when it was in the 70s, then you know what I’m talking about. It was a couple hours before sunset so we had that golden glow of summer. Hayley was wearing a beautiful maxi dress and Kyle was sporting a black button up shirt and jeans. Kyle was also sporting something else… a white brace on his right hand! He broke up a few days before but his doctor gave him permission to take the brace off for pictures and then it had to go right back on. At one point I really wanted to do a shot where Kyle picked up Hayley for a romantic shot and I didn’t know if he could do it with the hand. He simply responded with, “I got this” and just picked Hayley off her feet. It was so darn cute!

I’m so pleased with how their pictures turned out. Engagement sessions can be a little scary and make a couple very nervous at times but Kyle and Hayley rocked it…. broke hand and all!

One of my favorites!!!!

Look at that bling!

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