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Bryant + Katelyn | A Wedding At The Wyndham Hotel | Springfield, IL

April 6, 2016

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Wedding season has officially begun! And it started off with a bang. This past Friday, I drove up to Springfield, Illinois to prepare for Bryant and Katelyn’s wedding. I’m not used to traveling and staying in hotels for weddings but it kind of worked out to it’s advantage. Since I had some down time before I officially started shooting portraits Saturday morning, I began shooting Katelyn s detail shots while all the girls were down in the hotel salon getting their hair/makeup done. It was nice to have lots of time to focus on ring shots and jewelry instead of being rushed like a normal wedding day.

Bryant and Katelyn decided to share a first look and I’m so glad that they did because we were very limited on time at the church. It allowed me to get way more portraits of them and it was a moment for them to share some alone time on their wedding day. If you are a bride and you cannot decide on a first look or not, I can get these two in contact with you because their testimony is awesome. More on that another day LOL. There really wasn’t much time for family formals after the ceremony so we planned on starting the family pictures right before the ceremony (after their first look) and I gotta tell you that was pretty awesome too. That meant that after the ceremony, the bridal party and I could take off for downtown Springfield right away. We took pictures at the Capitol Building, Washington Park and a church with really pretty architecture. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much time shooting bridal party portraits EVER. It was a dream…… except for all the dang wind that day!!!! We had wind up to at least 50mph that day (or at least that’s what the weather app was telling us). It sure did feel like it but you’d never know it by looking at the pictures. Bryant and Katelyn, you make standing in the wind look good!
The night ended with a fabulous reception at the Wyndham Hotel for 350 guests. It was a large wedding but Bryant and Katelyn both have large families and they have a lot of friends who are very close to them. I can’t imagine what it’s like being surrounded by 350 people who love you that much (I’m not married yet LOL). I’m so honored to have been apart of this wedding and I’m glad I was able to capture these special moments. Have fun looking through Bryant and Katelyn’s wedding story.

Katelyn and her mom, Janet.

First look with dad 🙂

Time for Bryant to get ready…


Needless to say, Bryant couldn’t keep his eyes off Katelyn.

Looking sharp, Bryant!

Katelyn, you are stunning and your laugh is contagious!

Katelyn’s bouquet had a piece of her mother’s wedding dress wrapped around it.

Katelyn and her bridesmaids.

Bryant and his ushers.

Bryant and his groomsmen.

We got some great shots with the flower girl and ring bearer.

And this is how it was achieved LOL.

A prayer before the ceremony….


The look of a bride who just married the man of her dreams!

The Capitol Building was pretty cool to shoot in.

But you know me, I love the natural light LOL. Love these pics.

I have no words….

Just hanging out with old Abe.

My favorite part of the day was this…. and this beautiful golden light. Okay, you caught me…. I said I liked the sunlight LOL. (If you know me, you know I prefer cloudy days for portraits).

Definitely a FAVORITE!

They were not married here, but we borrowed this church for portraits LOL.

The ushers. This photo rocks my socks actually LOL. So much fun.

Reception time!

The toast from the maid of honor, Marissa.

Toast from the best man, Garrick.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

Katelyn dancing with her dad.

Bryant dancing with his mom.

Some dancing shots…

Bouquet toss…

Garter toss…

Credits coming soon….

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