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My New House!!!

September 18, 2017

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If you follow me on social media, or know me personally, then you know that I recently purchased my first home. I still can’t believe it. To be honest, I never dreamed that I would be able to do it on my own. I would sit on my phone and stare at pictures on Pinterest and Instagram of all these beautiful houses and I would dream about owning my own house one day, to make it my own and put my own style in it. There were two things keeping me from buying a house.

1.) Should I buy a house alone? (I always thought I’d buy my first house when I got engaged and was about to be married)

2.) Can I really afford a house?

I am 34 years old and single. Yes, I’m broadcasting that to the inter webs LOL. It used to bother me (a lot) but I’ve come to realize that life is short. We need to choose to be happy and not wait around for things to happen in our lives. We need to take the steps in order to achieve our goals, and buying a house was a huge goal of mine. Buying a house was a very scary idea, though. Could I really do this? Could I really afford and take care of a house on my own? Yes! When I started to believe I could do it, that’s when things started rolling with the whole process.

I went and looked at a few houses with my dad (because my dad knows everything and I trust his opinion on many things) but nothing was fitting or seemed right for me. Then one day, I noticed a new listing on Zillow. Gosh, I checked that app every day for months, heck a year, and I can still remember the day I saw my house. I texted my realtor right away and asked if I could see it. The next day, I walked into my house and I immediately had a good feeling. Every room morphed right before my eyes into a vision of how my furniture and belongings would fit into the space. I could see my Christmas tree sitting in the big picture window, I could see all my clothes filling up every closet on the main floor (come on girls, you understand LOL), and I could see my very first craft room where I’d spend many hours making quilts and other projects. I left that day with a smile on my face and I decided to take the plunge. It felt like a fast decision but it was just meant to be. I never once felt stressed out during the home buying process. My realtor and lender were a dream to work with and I’m still in awe every day that I have the keys to my very own place.

The day I signed the papers, I laid down in the middle of the living room and just cried. They were happy tears, not buyers remorse hahah. If you have every had a dream come true, you know the feeling. This whole process has made me realize that it all started with one simple thing… that I believed I could do it! For so long I didn’t think I could, but I prayed about it and prayed about it and then I had the courage to go for it. How many dreams have I been putting on hold because I didn’t think I could do it? How many dreams have you put on hold?

I’ll stop rambling now and show you my house now. These are the before shots and I promise to update you all with pictures of each room as I make updates. Enjoy!!!

That picture window kind of sold me on the house! It’s so pretty!

Don’t you love that green carpet!

The carpets and baseboard heaters were the first to go!

I call this the Blue Room… for obvious reasons. This is my room and the whole room was blue, floor to ceiling and even baseboards and trim. Took me two full days to paint this baby LOL.

I love my bathroom, especially all the natural light. But it will get completely gutted (hopefully next year at some point). Most people love kitchens… I love bathrooms! So this is will I will spend some $$$ to make it my little spa 🙂

Spare room (aka craft room).

This will be my office soon, and eventually when that wall can come out it’ll be the dining room. Baby steps….

Kitchen. Lots of plans for this space, but it will probably be my last renovation I tackle. I don’t cook, therefore it’s not a huge room to worry about for me right now.

That door leads to the basement. It’s a huge basement and I’ll post about that another time.

This is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house… the sunroom. I will be tackling this room this fall/winter (living room is almost finished and you’ll see that soon). This is where I see myself hanging out most of the time, if I’m not in my craft room that is.

Behind that yellow door is where you’d enter for the garage. I also have a carport. To have a garage is a dream in itself.

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