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Eric + Lauren | A Country Wedding with Wildflowers and a Cannon

September 6, 2017

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That’s right. You read the title of this blog post correctly. Cannon! I’ll get to the cannon part in a minute, I promise. I’m so excited to tell you bout Eric and Lauren’s wedding day. The day started off by me meeting Lauren and her bridesmaids at the Covered Bridge in Chester. Lauren’s family farm just overlooks the bridge and it was a great location for meeting the bridal party and family for portraits before the ceremony. She and Eric decided to see each other before their ceremony and I’m so glad they did because the day turned out to be SO hot and we were able to get everything taken before the ceremony. There was a great breeze for portraits and by the time the ceremony came around, the breeze was gone and it got so muggy. Getting the portraits finished before the ceremony also meant that Eric and Lauren could mingle with their family and friends and head straight to their reception. Eric, at one point, told me how awesome it was to be finished with portraits early on in the day so that he could just enjoy the rest of his wedding day. That means a lot coming from a groom. Grooms just usually go with the flow and do what they’re told (hahahah) but I love hearing feedback from them.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering about that cannon. Well, during the wedding ceremony, instead of lighting a unity candle, Eric and Lauren decided to light off a cannon! When guests entered the ceremony site (which was decorated beautiful by Lauren’s mother), there was a bucket with a sign that said “Please take hearing protection”. When it came time for the cannon to be fired, everyone put in their earplugs and Eric and Lauren hit the button and fired off the cannon. It was pretty darn cool and definitely my first ceremony with one. I love when a bride and groom do something unique and personalize their ceremony.

After being showered with bird seed by their guests, Eric and Lauren made their way to their reception where they danced the night away while eating delicious catered food and amazing homemade sweets. Other than the cannon being shot off at the ceremony, my other favorite part of the day was right before I left. I asked Eric and Lauren if I could steal them away one last time for a few golden hour portraits before the sun set. Nothing major happened, but it was the fact that these two were finally alone on their wedding day and they were just taking in the moment together. Just holding hands and smiling at each other. Something so simple but so romantic. I’m a hopeless romantic so being a wedding photographer is perfect for me 🙂

Lauren, your dress was absolutely PERFECT for you! You were stunning!

Cutest little flower girl.

Lauren’s mother knocked this out of the park!!! Seriously, it was amazing!

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