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Jeremy + Sylvia | Coulterville/St. Libory Wedding

October 28, 2017

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If you’ve ever been a part of a wedding, whether it be a bridesmaid, groomsmen or even a guest, you know that a wedding day never goes perfect. There’s so much planning that goes into a wedding and the timeline for the day is always so hectic and never on schedule. Jeremy and Sylvia’s wedding was the complete opposite! It was absolutely perfect! I’m not exaggerating when I say that we were on schedule for everything and even just a little bit early on some things. That’s just unheard of! I’ve captured over 100 weddings and I can’t remember a wedding that felt so laid back and comfortable. When a bride has 45 minutes to an hour to sit and relax before the ceremony, that’s a good thing! Sometimes it can get a little hectic and stressful trying to get portraits in, but not this day. I even asked Sylvia at one point if she wanted to try and do some other portraits in (like immediate family) while we waited around, but she was definitely excited about taking a moment to relax. After all, she and her bridesmaids started around 6am to get ready for the big day, so a little chill time was good!

The ceremony was short and sweet at Sylvia’s family farm, right next to the lake. Small and intimate and absolutely beautiful for an October day. In fact, it was a little warm for an October wedding, but nobody seemed to mind. If I had to make one complaint for the day, it would be the wind! It was so darn windy at the end of the ceremony that the bubble machine wasn’t blowing bubbles toward Jeremy and Sylvia as they walked down the isle. Minor people…. minor LOL. If that’s the only thing I can complain about, then I’m telling you that’s how perfect the day was!

After family formals finished up, the bridal party loaded up on the party bus and we made our way to the reception. This was a very large reception with 1000 people invited. People were coming and going all night  and it was definitely the biggest reception I had ever been at. It was amazing to see so many people surrounding Jeremy and Sylvia on their big day. One of my favorite parts of the night was when Sylvia danced with her father. You see, the week before the wedding, her father had a heart attack. He’s doing very well! I was in her shoes last year when my father had his heart attack so I knew the emotions running through her as she danced that dance. I always cry at weddings and this is usually one of those moments where I was a little choked up. I can guarantee there wasn’t a dry eye in the place during those few moments. Wedding days have a way of helping you come back to reality and realize what’s most important in life. Love and family/friends. Jeremy and Sylvia had just that. We celebrated their live and new life together and they were surround by the ones they love the most, their family and friends. I’m so honored that I got to be a part of this amazing wedding. I knew from the very minute I met Jeremy and Sylvia that their day was going to be special and I was right. Get excited people, the images you’re about to see are absolutely beautiful!

Ignore the lens flare from the windows… but I love Sylvia’s dad’s face when he sees her for the first time as a BRIDE!

Getting ready to do the “first look” with Jeremy!

His reaction was awesome! He just reached out for her and just held her.

Surrounded by your best friends during one of the most important of your wedding days… PRICELESS!

Sylvia, you are absolutely stunning!

Pictures on the family farm with the tractors is a must!

Sylvia and Jeremy, you two are so darn cute and you look fabulous in black/white!


Jeremy had the best socks ever! LOL

Did I mention that it was also Jeremy’s birthday!!!

Those sequin gowns were so darn awesome! I love a little bling.

Time for the ceremony to begin…

Bling and blooms…

They’re MARRIED! And Jeremy was pretty pumped about it LOL.

LOVE this picture so much. Just look at the joy.

Such a fun bridal party.

Some reception details.

Dancing with dad…

Dancing with mom…

These vendors were so much fun to work with!
CEREMONY | Bride’s Parents Home
BRIDE’S GOWN | Bridal Manor
GROOMSMEN ATTIRE | Annette’s Flowers and Gifts
HAIRSTYLIST | Kelly Bergkoetter and Heather Riechmann
MAKEUP | Brooke Mcateer
VIDEOGRAPHER | Captured In Frames

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