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Brandi + Luke | Engaged

December 21, 2018

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. I got a notification on my phone that we were in a wind advisory on the day of Brandi and Luke’s engagement session. We’re talking 30-40 mph winds the whole afternoon. When I saw that notification I immediately texted Brandi and told her not to worry about the session and I’d make sure that her photos turned out beautiful. She was getting her hair and makeup done and I felt so bad because the last thing a girl wants to worry about is her hair blowing in all directions in some of the most important photos she’ll ever take. But when Mother Nature decides to throw a twist in your plans you just have to go with the flow. Brandi trusted me and she said they were ready to go. We met for the photos up at Fort Kaskaskia first. For fall it’s one of the best places around to get the trees and colors. We ended the session down the hill at the Pierre Menard Home and you all know that’s a favorite spot of mine. It was overcast that day and I was in heaven! And when I saw the outfits Brandi and Luke had planned out, I knew the colors were going to pop.

Brandi and Luke have been together for a while now and you could tell how comfortable they were around each other. They were a bit quiet at first but by the end of the session I could tell they had a blast and I was able to get them out of their shells a bit. I always like seeing that moment happen… when a couple gets comfortable in front of my camera. It’s different for each couple but for Brandi and Luke it didn’t take long at all! Seriously, they were pros from the very beginning. Every pose I had them in they did it perfectly. They only thing was that we had to keep waiting for the wind to die down. We were lucky in the sense that it wasn’t constant wind. It did break every few minutes and we just snapped the photos and then moved to a new pose. You seriously cannot tell it was as windy as it was. By the time the session was over, I think we were all worn out from battling the wind but I told Brandi and Luke that it was worth it.

I have so many favorites but these are my ultimates favorites from my time with these two. I cannot wait till they say “I DO” in 2019. Enjoy 🙂

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